Limericks of Dark Haiku for Halloween

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Haiku was always a subject of interest for poets; Dark Haiku is more because of the presence of Death and goriness.

The suspense and brilliance of poetry, especially the formation and limericks of dark Haiku are going to hold you captive and in trance if you happen to get through some exciting Haiku poetry. When it comes to kids, simple Haiku is what the kids can enjoy, fascinating and attention grabbing Halloween poetry for kids is worthy of a collection if you are fond of books and poetry.

If you are a bookworm, you will definitely be in the quest of finding books that are of high quality and affordable. This quest will really lead to a treasure hunt and you can be lucky finding real good books and rare poetry at good prices.

Haiku is intelligent form of poetry, spiritual and beautiful. It is food for thought; it invokes a lot of imagination and visualization from the readers. In the Amazon’s online store you can find some really good books, and at very good prices. You might have passed over these books in the book-stores but now you can buy Kindle editions at extremely low prices.

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Revelation about Haiku


Do you remember that assignment back in the school when you were kid? Haiku is about writing a poem that adheres to a protocol, a standard of 5-7-5 line.  Haiku poetry consists of an assortment of collections cleverly written on themes of nature, spiritual dispositions and realms of fantasy. Haiku are well created, thought provoking and symmetrical. They are witty phrases that require lot of original thinking and creativity, encompassing depth and feelings.

Haiku are not only pleasant and satisfying to intellect, but capable of giving peace to mind. Haiku poetry that pertains to religious and spiritual disposition calms the mind; they bring down the turbulence and generate peace and harmony. Synchronization in Haiku is typical style of a poet   and if you have not heard of Haiku, you can start with some books on Haiku for beginners. Believe me, the poetry is classic, entertaining and well worth the investment.

Haiku: Japanese Art and Poetry

The strictest and purest of poetic forms, the Japanese haiku contains in its seventeen sound characters a reference to a season as well as a distinct pause or interruption. Cher...

Pomegranate  / $17.38  $2470.0

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The Art of Haiku: Its History through Poems and Paintings by Japanese Masters

In the past hundred years, haiku has gone far beyond its Japanese origins to become a worldwide phenomenon—with the classic poetic form growing and evolving as it has adapted to...

Shambhala  / $21.63  $84.4

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Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years

An anthology of haiku in English, from Ezra Pound’s early experiments to the present-day masters. Haiku in English is an anthology of more than 800 brilliantly chosen poems that...

W. W. Norton & Company  / $23.95  $3.91

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Haiku Mind: 108 Poems to Cultivate Awareness and Open Your Heart

Haiku, the Japanese form of poetry written in just three lines, can be miraculous in its power to articulate the profundity of the simplest moment—and for that reason haiku can ...

Shambhala  / $14.47  $1.91

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Basho: The Complete Haiku

Basho stands today as Japans most renowned writer, and one of the most revered. Wherever Japanese literature, poetry or Zen are studied, his oeuvre carries weight. Every new stu...

Kodansha USA  / $19.92  $9.0

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Have you heard about Haiku?

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burntchestnut on 09/08/2014

I learned about haikus in junior high and wrote about 100 of them. I've never written on since.

Haiku for Halloween

Nothing could be more fun than Dark Haiku for Halloween. If you love poems, use the festive event to chalk out some dark poetry and say it aloud in front of your friends to make the Halloween night more gruesome and sinister.

Limericks of Dark Haiku


Writing and reading good poetry is enlightening for the mind, Halloween poetry for kids are attractive and motivating because no matter whatever their level of understanding is, it compels them to think beyond perception. When you catch hold of good poetry, you transcend to a totally different land of fantasy and you are free to fly in the realms of imagination, a world that can be as unreal and imaginary as you desire. Isn’t that beautiful?  Whimsical poetry is like that, the descriptions are simple, yet detailed enough to let your brain dwell on them. Haiku, dark form of Haiku and scary Halloween poetry is nourishment to brain and swimming through it leaves you satiated and satisfied.

Modern Haiku from Amazon

Modern Haiku

Haiku originated from which country?

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