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At Madame Alexander’s 90th years anniversary, the company has honoured her enterprise and vision with a line of Limited Edition dolls that excel in beauty and elegance.

Madame Alexander’s contribution to the doll industry is unprecedented. Her lovely creations have made millions of children happy. Her designs have excited little girls who love to take their dolls everywhere they go.

The girls and their dolls are inseparable. The current owner of the company could not have brought more justice to her radiant desire of dressing the dolls in immaculate haute couture. Most of the dolls have the appearance of the never obsolete charm of vintage beauties and hair styles. You will love the collection which is unique and carries the rare taste of stylishness that is so evident in the chic innovations of Madame Alexander’s line of production.

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Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus

Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus
Madame Alexander

Beatrice Alexander Behrman launched one of the popular and unbeaten doll’s company in the United State of America which is flourishing and doing well even after her demise. The company in her honour after her passing away has designed limited editions Madame Alexander dolls that are rare to find.

Candy Cane Christmas 10" by Madame Alexander

Candy Cane Christmas 10" by Madame Alexander
Madame Alexander

Madame Alexander - Dazzling Winter Skater

Madame Alexander - Dazzling Winter Skater
Madame Alexander

Limited Editions - Price Justified?

For a day, a week and even years, your little girl can play with the sparkling and twinkling doll that commemorates Madame Alexander’s success story. She can dream and dwell in her breathtaking beautiful world of dolls. The mystic creations of Beatrice are truly unique; the gifts can truly realize the joy of the childhood and sweet memories.

The limited editions though high priced are distinct and made only in limited quantity. They are extremely rare and can serve as perfect gifts that are exotic and extra-ordinary. Many of the limited editions are outlandish and awesome as collectibles. If you are fond of collecting dolls you will love this assemblage of vintage and classic designs.

Madame Alexander Elsa, Frozen, 18" Collectible Doll

Madame Alexander Elsa, Frozen, 18" Collectible Doll
Madame Alexander

An Introduction to Madame Alexander’s Dolls


Beatrice knew what the little girls desire, as a kid she loved to play with dolls and designed them with careful details and artistic endeavours. Many of her creations are made after celebrities and famous names that we are fond of. Beautiful figures that are to be admired, glamourously wrapped in satin attire with shining hair look so stunning that you want to stack them in your showcases and not play with them lest they get disfigured.

Madame Alexander Doll - Cissy

A famous design of Madame Alexander is the enchanting doll of 21-inch fully-articulated enchantress Cissy. The newly introduced “Madame Alexander” doll in the likeness of the company’s founder envisions her vitality and sophistication. This 90th Anniversary Collection of this doll is dressed as Madame Alexander would have liked her to dress in 1923 during the infant stage of the company. She wears an elegant navy blue taffeta lined dress that includes a lovely pair of matching earrings.

This blue-eyed beauty wears nude stockings, white colored pants and black vintage shoes. This version of Cissy has brunette hair styled into a low bun in the back and side-parted finger waves in front, both of which are adorned in the profile with a navy grosgrain headband embossed in a rhinestone flower. Since she ensembles the Madame herself she comes in a staggering $1499.5

Which is your favourite between Madame Alexander and American doll?

Madame Alexander doll vs American doll
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Madame Alexander doll
DerdriuMarriner on 02/21/2023

My preferences are American and Madame Alexander dolls even as the Pinocchio and the Jiminy Cricket and the winter skateress made me click on Madame Alexander dolls as favorites.

Madame Alexander Dolls Love is in the Details Felt Wendy

Madame Alexander Dolls Love is in the Details Felt Wendy, inches Th...

Wendy Celebrates Madame Alexander's 90th Anniversary

As part of the anniversary celebrations, also being launched was a fully-articulated Wendy model with wavy brown hair, pink top, short puffed sleeves. The 8-inch blue-eyed Wendy showcases a pale, pink satin cocktail dress that features a ruffled, pink tulle skirt worn over a matching pink petticoat.

Beautifully adorned white lace trim at the neckline looks gorgeous with a light cherry and white gingham ribbon across the bodice. A rhinestone on her forehead and the same cotton ribbon to her curly blonde hair adds charm to her already bright and lovely face. The beautiful heart throb Wendy is ready to party anytime.

Vintage Madame Alexander Cissy Dolls on YouTube

Madame Alexander Dolls Pinocchio Wooden Sculpt and Jiminy Cricket

Who is not fond of Disney world? Speaking of Disney's Magic - The charming characters from Disney classic films have always enthralled the audience. They have played an exceptional part in the saga of Alexander Doll Company.

Since its inception in 1930s, each doll is painstakingly worked on details. Every doll is dressed in unique, thoughtful costumes that reminds of the classic Disneyland movies. Authentic, genuine and hand painted, the limited edition of Pinocchio is at his best.

Elegantly hand carved and sculpted in wood he is accompanied by a resin Jiminy Cricket to complete its appearance. Delicate and precious, you can easily use him as a collector’s item. It is gracious and 8 inches tall. It is one of the favourite Disney characters and there are limited pieces limiting to 500.

Madame Alexander Dolls Pinocchio Wooden Sculpt and Jiminy Cricket , 8"

Disney Favorites Doll Limited Edition - 500 Piece
Madame Alexander Dolls Pinocchio Wooden Sculpt and Jiminy Cricket ,...

Madame Alexander Dolls on YouTube

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/21/2023

In particular, I appreciate the Pinocchio doll even as all the other products evidence the same commitment to high-quality dolls.

There must be some kind of special-care instructions included for the impressive Catherine the Great doll with her horse, correct?

WriterArtist on 11/24/2013

@Mira - Yep, you can certainly make a story from these interesting dolls. They have a theme, besides being pretty.

Mira on 09/26/2013

I keep looking at them. They're definitely interesting, and allow the kids to make up stories about the characters, which is wonderful. Not your run-of-the-mill dolls, or the ones I grew up with, which had not much to offer besides a -- supposedly -- pretty face.

younghopes on 09/26/2013

Amazing,awesome , so cute i wish i was a child to use these

ologsinquito on 09/25/2013

These dolls are very cute. My daughter wasn't the dolly type, but, if she was, she probably would have loved them.

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