Best of Red Riding Hood Costumes for Little Girls, Teens and Women

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Cute Red Riding Hood costumes with trendy style and a touch of class are fun and just right for the Halloween.

With Halloween around the corner, you would love to try the best of Red Riding Hood outfits for your little girl. Set in a medieval outfit design, girls will positively love the lovely Red Riding Hood outfits in red and white; they will undeniably look very charming in them. Halloween is there to explore the novel ideas for costumes and these costumes will certainly look awesome. Even you can try this classy fairy tale costume.

A beautiful design that emanates sophistication and elegance is what you should be looking for. With adequate accessories like a velvety cape and the basket, this could be your dream dress for any celebration and Halloween theme parties. A hooded cape and a red corset dress fitting the body gives a glamorous look. A red dress often goes well with a black bodice and red bottom too. A petticoat to make if fluffy and puff if it suits you without making you look burlesque. Match it with designer footwear in red or black. Don’t be surprised if you get tons of compliments.

A small village that is haunted by a werewolf and a young girl falling for the plot of the bad and evil wolf has many versions that end in different twist. Whatever the story line, the little Red Hat’s costume looks lovely on women and small girls alike. A range of accessories can be chosen from Amazon and eBay for exuding styles that are enticing and sexy.

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Red Riding Hood Folklore

This is the time to recall one of my favourite story as a kid that I loved and fantasized, “The Little Red Riding Hood” who had a grandma and used to visit her often. The wicked wolf getting into grandma’s disguise was really frightening and it would terrify me making me think that the wolf is a bad creature.


The lovely Little Red Riding Hood is a sweet and humble little young girl who often comes to visit her grandma who stays alone in a forest. A wicked wolf wants to gobble the girl and probably the old grandma too, so he makes a plan. He approaches the girl and finds the whereabouts of her grandma and before she knows reaches the house and gobbles the grandmother.


He also disguises as her grandmother and waits for her. When the red riding hood arrives to her grandma’s place, she finds that her grandma looks odd, big and heavy and her voice has also changed. It is rough and dreary. At that time a lumberjack comes to the distressed girl’s rescue, kills the wolf and cuts open the belly. And lo, the grandma emerges unharmed and unscathed. Like all good stories, this story too ends happily. 

Best of Red Riding Hood Outfits


And I am sure the Red riding hood costume is going to entice the girls because not only is she a simple and lovely girl, she is brave and courageous too. Girls are no doubt going to love these costumes for Halloween, because it serves as an inspiration wherein they can overpower the big bad Wolf.


Red Riding Hood Costumes on eBay

Which of the fairy tales of Red Riding Hood did you like?

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Those with happy endings.
DerdriuMarriner on 02/21/2023

In particular, I appreciate happy endings, be it imagined or real life.

Red Riding Hood on YouTube

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/21/2023

In particular, I like the little-girl versions of Red Riding Hood. I can see the first two images as charming outfits for a mother-daughter dress-alike for a costume party.

Now what would be great to keep inside all those baskets?

WriterArtist on 09/18/2013

Marciag - A change from the usual gruesome dresses looks great sometimes.

marciag on 09/18/2013

What adorable costumes, perfect for the upcoming Halloween!

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