List of Jobs that will be Replaced by AI and Robots

by RobertKeith

The AI revolution has arrived. While there are quite a few jobs that are not in danger anytime soon...

The AI revolution has arrived. While there are quite a few jobs that are not in danger anytime soon, others look like they will be replaced with automation in the near future. What follows is a list of the jobs most likely to be replaced by AI and robots in the coming years. Here are the top most jobs that will be replaced by AI and robots.

Customer Service

Already, much of customer service is automated due to comprehensive FAQ pages and automated responses. AI chat programs are growing more sophisticated by the day and are already being used to replace customer service representatives, who usually work off a script anyway. 


This may not be a tragedy for many, but telemarketers are expected to be hit particularly hard by automation. This is largely because robocalls are easier, cheaper and more efficient to make. Besides, telemarketing is not a particularly effective form of lead generation, which makes it an even better choice to automate. 

Birth of AI Revolution
Birth of AI Revolution

Financial Analysts

Software powered by AI is quickly gaining the ability to analyze historic trends in financial data in order to make predictions about the future state of the market. This is making human financial analysts an obsolete aspect of portfolio growth, whether for individuals or corporations. 


Self-driving cars are on the way, which will replace many professional drivers in the coming years. Taxi drivers will continue to be hit hard, both by self-driving cars and competition from ridesharing services like Lyft and Uber. Even Lyft and Uber will likely make the switch due to how much cheaper it is to not have to pay a driver. 


It has been no secret for a while now that manufacturing jobs are being lost to automation in droves. Even in countries like China, which have been much maligned for taking manufacturing jobs away from the United States, workers are beginning to be replaced with machines, so this trend is very likely to continue because it is more efficient and cheaper than human labor. Fortunately, there will still need to be humans to manage and supervise those machines, which is a potential source of future manufacturing jobs. 


Like manufacturing jobs, many construction and other types of manual labor are being overtaken by machines as well. Bricklaying robots, for example, now exist. These machines don't get tired or need breaks, making them more efficient than human workers. This has an upside, however: humans will be relied upon less to perform dangerous jobs that can result in disfigurement or even death. 


Cashiers are already being replaced in major big box stores, such as Wal-Mart and Target, as well as grocery stores, by self-checkout machines. Restaurants are also implementing self-service kiosks. While these jobs are where many people start their careers, most people will also not miss working as a cashier too much due to the demanding and thankless nature of the job. 

Bank Tellers

Bank tellers are another occupation that automation is putting at risk. This began back with the advent of the ATM, which itself stands for "automated teller machine." It continued with smartphone apps and further automation will occur because of robots and AI. AI will be able to process loan applications and open accounts in a way that will likely make tellers obsolete. 


Proofreading software continues to improve and will soon be able to replace a human eye when it comes to checking a final text for errors. Don't worry though - writers and editors themselves are safe for the time being. This is because AI have yet to replicate the creativity needed to produce a written work or manage the very human nuances of editing. 

Market Research Analysts

Automated programs will be able to compile market research information much more quickly than a human can, giving corporate owners straightforward answers about the market so they can decide whether to launch a product or enter a new market. There are already programs that can do research on your competitors

While all hope is not lost for these professions, it's undeniable that they face stiff competition from AI and robots. It may be best to avoid them if you are in the process of choosing your career, or you can perhaps plan to occupy a necessary niche within these occupations. Be sure to consider Best Courses when planning your education. Technology will continue to change the business world every day, and there will be no choice but to adapt and harness the power of new careers and industries.

Updated: 05/26/2018, RobertKeith
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