Love and Friendship Can Friends be Lovers

by katiem2

A strong bond grows between friends and time passes and often friends become lovers. Learn the truth about friend and lovers can friends be lovers and make it work?

Could You be Lovers?

The age old question can friends be lovers has been tested over and over again and this is what we know.

Ever consider the question can friends be lovers, a couple or even married standing the test of time to enjoy a life of wedded bliss? While there are several types of love with some destine to fail, others blossom from the comfort of long term friends. The love between friends can stand the test of time and make for a great romantic couple.

Can Friends be Lovers

All to often the relationship between men and women form great friendships and often raise the question can friends be lovers?

Before you consider launching a friend based romance you should first realize what a love based on friendship has to offer.  There are important odds to weigh before you make the commitment to a friend based love.  Be careful and ask yourself if you may be settling in this relationship as you feel time is running out, you know that dreaded clock ticking.  First and foremost there is no clock, no measure of time as to when anyone should be in a committed relationship.  We as a society have long evolved past this standard.

While friendships between men and women are strong and very meaningful you may want to ask yourself if this is the type of love from which you can build a life long partnership giving you what you need.

The sexual aspect of a life long committed friend based relationship may be the stone by which the foundation collapses. Let’s explore the developing process of love in that of friends.

There are six types of love defining ones style of love.

This type of love is commonly referred to as storage love.

The comfort two people come to know in such a friendship gives way to their ability to explore the romantic intimacy of the relationship.  

Can the Friendship Survive the Romance

Answer the age old question, can friends be lovers?

Note: The biggest mistake anyone can make is to marry a friend because they've given up on true love or the prospect of ever falling in love, writing it off as a myth.  I'm here to tell you falling head over heals in love can happen and true love is amazing. I've lived this.  I married my best friend only to have it end in divorce as true love did in fact come knocking. It's a very painful situation to be in, married to a friend and facing true love with all the unexpected intense emotions that come with it.

While friends can become lovers and build a romantic commitment, be aware that it can end if one or the other falls in love with another in a way they didn’t believe existed.  It happens and is very painful, it is for this reason you should be very careful not to settle with a friend for any reason. A marriage based on friendship is a sound and solid union yet if hit with a case of true love, it will no doubt be shaken to its core.

Many may feel a love between friends is true love and while it is in fact a powerful and deep love it is different than a fiery love based on chemistry and passion.  You just don't know until you've lived it and so the confusions as to if you know it or not comes into play. Be warned, many often never having been in love have no comparison from which to gauge the exploration of a friend based storage love and assume the outcome is the norm.

WARNING - After committing to a friend based relationship one of the partners may later find true love of a different sort to be more intense, passionate and fiery proving in fact that true love does exist and is more desirable than one based on the comfort of friendship.

Balancing Romance and Friendship

Can male and female friends be lovers and will the friendship hold up to the physical relationship?

What to Expect From a Friend Based Love

  1. The area of sex is less important to the storage lover as they hold common interest in higher regard, caring and compassion, all the traits that made for such a strong friendship in the first place.
  2. The person that finds this love type appealing is less likely to take risk or attempt to explore a more idealistic love of epic proportions as they are cautious people, never the thrill seeker type.
  3. Excitement is not a main ingredient is a friend based relationship.
  4. A storage friendship love is less about romance and more about security and reliability.
  5. The most common problem this relationship suffers from is boredom.  
  6. Friend based love affairs often serve as practice for the person other wise lacking confidence to persue other relationships.
  7. The friendbased romance removes risk and reduces the risk of rejection.

Many people find themselves in a friendship based love commiting their lives to it. Be warned, these types of relationships can easily come unraveled by one of the two partners realizing their potential to enjoy a more intense and passionate love. They may instinctively seek it out or respond to it openly once the opportunity arises.  

We humans are merely animals when it comes to love, sex and the chemistry that occurs attracting us to the opposite sex. This raw instinct can lead any of us to land smack dab in the middle of a steamy intense love affair we do not wish to leave.

Can Friendship Become Love

Learn how long it takes for a friendship between and man and a woman to become love.

If you feel the clock ticking and have been wondering if you and a special friend can be lovers romantically involved do consider all we've discussed here today before you take that leap.

Talk openly with the friend you’re thinking of making that romantic commitment to so you both know the possibility of change. 

You could even make a pack to be honest about it and share any feelings you come to feel that may be different.  Going into it with and open and honest thought process can both eliminate pain and damage to the friendship.

Love can strike more than once and in fact often. With each love in your life you become better at the art of giving and receiving love. It’s always best to follow your heart and be true to your passion, it is after all a very powerful force.

Just remember you can love someone without committing to something you're not comfortable with. Take your time and allow love to unfold naturally and undoubtedly. Love that is true, pure and real knows no doubt!

Much Love and Happiness, Katie

Can Men and Women Who are Friends become Lovers?

If men and women who are friends become lovers will the relationship survive or thrive?
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Yes it can become a very strong and successful relationship
DerdriuMarriner on 08/23/2018

Yes! It's the best when friends become lovers and spouses because of the habit of communicating, recognizing independence and working together.

Updated: 11/11/2013, katiem2
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katiem2 on 01/23/2012

SidewalkPhilospher, Headed there now, Thanks :)

SidewalkPhilosopher on 01/23/2012

Definitely enjoyed this! To further make you point, take a look back into mine and Bill's past and you will see why I enjoyed this so much!
"Blending A Family"
I think you'll enjoy the story! Now, I'm going to check out some more of your articles.

katiem2 on 01/06/2012

Thank You DrDarko, glad to have you here at love and friendship can friends be lovers.

DrDarko on 01/05/2012

Beautiful article and so true...

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