Majestic Art Nouveau Lamps for Decorative Lighting in Home Decor

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One does not need to be a king to pursue artistic endeavours. With modest means, one can attain aesthetics at home with art nouveau lamps that are decorative and pleasant to eyes.

A penchant for artistic things is an asset and was present in humanity from very ancient period. History has witnessed artistic indulgence of emperors in forms of gigantic architectures, colossal mansions, magnificent statues and tall sculptures. The architecture and beautiful columns of Rome, statues of Venice and the magical hanging gardens of Babylon were the imagination of artists that were brought into reality with techniques and designs persisting at that era.

However; art has never ceased to amuse people. With the prevalent designs and craftsmanship, modern decor in homes is affordable both to rich and not so rich masses. It is possible to have antiques and artifacts that are affordable and inspired by art.

Art Nouveau artwork is not just for the museums, it is there for the common people. Beautiful piece of art in the form of lamps can be used for the contemporary home decor. Art is not so complicated when manifested in decorative and artistic forms. It is often told that a picture speaks more than thousand words and so does “Art Nouveau”. A carefully crafted masterpiece of art does it all.

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Do "Art Nouveau" Lamps add aesthetics to home lighting?

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Yes - They add value and decorative accent to homes
DerdriuMarriner on 08/12/2022

In particular, I like Art Nouveau lamps that work well on bathroom and kitchen ceilings. Kitchens particularly may be a bit bland regarding the lighting above basin and counter mirrors.

Art Nouveau in Home Decor


During the evolution of Art Nouveau, the wave impacted all and sundry artists from different parts of the world. The movement did not work in segregation. Artists from diverse sections had the same feelings, these artists comprised a larger section of the society, and they wanted to bring the art to common people. Perhaps art was thought of the privilege of elite class in earlier days because they could afford the opulence for the monuments, the luxury and the grandeur.

The concepts of Art Nouveau were designed for everybody, the ideas were modern and the style was for the new and younger generation who were ready to embrace the richness, designs and techniques of a novel idea.

Pottery, furniture, glass and all other raw materials that were inexpensive could cater for the middle class’s hunger of art. To appease the appetite of this new bourgeoisie class, artists brought out large number of art pieces that might have not been intrinsic and detailed as for the rich and noble but unique pieces that could work well for the majority of the people.

Art Nouveau Lamps on eBay

The art deco lighted sculpture looks stunning on the table, this is an inspiration from the aesthetic instinct of an artist who is swayed by the sensuousness of human figure portrayed against a background of a symmetrical object such as globe. When lighted, the fixture looks more stunning than the picture. You can use this piece to adorn your tabletop, adjust the light to bring greater illumination and place a bonsai to enhance the effect.


Art Nouveau Lamps on YouTube

Art Nouveau Lamps


Art Nouveau lamps come in delicate styles showcasing sensuous dancing figures, maidens, peacock feathers adorned with silver and glass. Antique lamps are usually made in glittering bronze and pewter. These artistic lamps portray geometric outlines perfectly where the artistry conveys sophistication beyond imagination. The lamps are excellent to put on ceilings, floors, bookshelves, study tables and as centerpieces.

The golden and the copper hues of many lamps portray subtle techniques handcrafted by expert craftsmen. The late 18th century art is so subtle and ingenious that you might be totally blown over. This amazing art combined with the delicateness of illumination can bring a beautiful twist to your home. You might be surprised with the elegance and magnificence of “Art Nouveau”.

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Love the artistic element to home lighting?

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DerdriuMarriner on 08/12/2022

WriterArtist, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.

In particular, I appreciate the context information that you give to the Art Nouveau movement. Also, it helps where you explain that Art Nouveau lamps come in glass and silver even as antique lamps came in bronze and pewter.

You suggest Art Nouveau lamps as aesthetic lighting for bookshelves, ceilings, floors and study tables.

It would be quite stunning to place Art Nouveau lamps on floors. Would you be envisioning them on carpeted, ceramic, stone or wood flooring?

WriterArtist on 09/03/2013

Hi Natural-Skin_Care,
Art Nouveau and Art Deco can bring art in your home in many amazing ways. Lighting is one of them.

Natural_Skin_Care on 08/04/2013

Very artistic and majestic as well. You could totally change the look of your home with these.

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