How To Make A TARDIS Console

by pkmcr

Is your kid a big Doctor Who Fan? Imagine how cool they would think it if you were to make a TARDIS Console for them all of their own! Let's take you through the steps involved!

I love being an uncle but even I could have hardly suspected one of the coolest things ever would be to see my nephew join his father, several of his relatives and me at the age of seven as a committed Doctor Who Fan!

Not one to discriminate he's never far from watching one of the Doctors, reading about their adventures or most often playing the part of a time traveling world saver himself.

This opened the door for a fun project I thought you might enjoy my thoughts on how to make a TARDIS console for the little Whovian of the house! Very cool and great fun for everyone involved!

Why Make a TARDIS Console?

Well I think the first good reason why to make a TARDIS console is that if I were a kid I'd certainly want one (in fact, come to think of it, I want one now!)

I knew the nephew would love it because his Mother tells me that he has been using a section of the sofa as a TARDIS console for the last year or so. On top of it all it has been a nice family project we've spent plenty of time together working on.

IF Your Kids Has Their Own TARDIS Console..

..they Need A TARDIS Badge
Doctor Who Tardis CONSOLE Enamel / Me...

How To Make Your TARDIS Console

Step By Step Guide To Making Your Own TARDIS Console

Now once we decided to follow through on this project we had to think about what we were going to use to build the TARDIS Console!

The solution: be creative and hunt down and reuse common household things to use for our time travel device construction.

This means you may not be able to find exactly what we used for our own TARDIS console, but you will find be able to find substitutes that work just as well if not better.

The TARDIS Console Build Step By Step

  1. Step one is finding a suitable hexagonal shaped foundation for your console. Now we made a few attempts at measuring up and cutting one out for ourselves and weren't quite happy with the results. The solution was a hexagonal shaped plastic plant pot. They come in all shapes and sizes. We used, one that's a sort of pyramid open on the top and found the exact size perfect for a realistic scaled TARDIS console for our seven year old nephew. Ideal!
  2. Next cut hard cardboard pieces and glue them around the hexagon shape making the panels of the TARDIS console. This is easy to do since the foundation is already there letting you cut them to the right size without much effort. Where the panels connect and along the outside rim use black electrical tape to reinforce the panels. Later you will want to cover this with glued down black heavier stock paper to make it look better than with the electrical tape visable.
  3. On the panels themselves you can have great fun glueing all sorts of knobs and dials, pieces of old radios, things from the discount store etc. We wanted to involve our nephew in making some of the choices of what went on the console! One of his favorites is an old calculator, where he types with quite a bit of focus as he prevents the Daleks from exterminating us all!
  4. Now for the Time Rotor. The time rotor required a bit of thought, until we found a small office waste bin (the kind you would use next to a desk in an office) that fit our opening near perfectly. This serves as the foundation of the time rotor. On top of this you can glue three plastic pen holders of various sizes . Alternatively you could use three strips of clear tubing filled with shiny perspex tubes to create a realistic TARDIS Time Rotor. You can add to the look with flashing lights (even Christmas lights will do!) for a little extra fun that the kids really adore!

Now you have the strategy on how to make a TARDIS console for the little Whovian in your life. Please do share how your adventure turns out. I would love to hear all the fun details!

Build The TARDIS!

If you have built them a TARDIS Control room then what could be better than putting it inside The TARDIS itself!

You can build one following the step by step instructions at Make Your Own TARDIS

Updated: 06/21/2014, pkmcr
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