Makeup for a Witch

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An awesome makeup for a witch with a stunning costume, hat and broom takes one to the mysterious realms and accomplishes the magic theatrical effect for Halloween.

An accomplished witch carries herself with grace her cloak, the crooked nose, green nails, magic potion and perhaps a red apple potion to seduce Prince Charming and cast a spell on Snow white.

The broom, the big hat and her cauldron are the accessories that complete her personality. If you have all these ingredients you are bound to succeed in your endeavours on Halloween.

However; it is all incomplete without the proper makeup. To find out the magic of makeover, apply the makeup for a witch and see it yourself.

If you are in a habit of rushing out in just your costume, think twice, a makeup can alter your persona, it will transform you into a totally different personality.

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Essential Tips and How to of ‘Witch’s Makeup’


A makeup that is safe and stays for at least 6 hours during the eve of Halloween is desirable. Itchy and out of date products should not be used. If you are going to buy a makeup kit for a witch, please ensure that the ingredients are organic and not toxic. Also check the expiry date before using it on yourself or kids. Before applying any makeup on the face, put a little on your hands and see if it is safe. If you develop allergies or rashes, abandon the kit. Better be safe than have an itchy skin to treat.


Makeup that stays long and does not smear off will look good. It needs to get washed easily without causing any kind of irritation to skin, A small amount of liquid soap and hot water should be enough to take the makeup off.

Make up for a Witch


You can either get the makeup and face painting done by a makeup artist or do it yourself at home with make up for a witch. A witch makeup kit is capable of transforming you into an evil looking witch character. You can get a professional appearance using a witch costume and accessories for witch.

Get this wicked witch costume and scare your friends with the ghoulish, ghastly witch disguise.

You need a foundation to give the colour you need, it could be white or green based. Use makeup crayons to highlight the cheekbones and creases on the face. Green, white and black makeup kits with sponge and colour can accentuate the witch costumes that you are wearing. Use makeup for witch that highlights the costume.

You can use professional latex prosthetics, flesh latex to create the scars and smeared blood. You will also need spirit gum, lipstick, powder, powder puff, sponges, eyeliner to paint the face and gel the foundation. Apply matching lipstick and nail polish that goes with the witch outfit. Use a crooked long nose, protruding chin and warts to complete the wicked witch disguise.

Have you ever applied a witch's makeup?

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Ingredients of Witch’s Makeup

Necessary Ingredients are outlined -

Foundation – Optional

Black Cream or grey/purple eye-shadow

Black pencil

Green Cream

White Cream


Black or purple lipstick



Soft sponge

Cotton swab

Steps for Witch’s Makeup

Step 1 – Apply the foundation which is the base for your makeup, it helps the makeup to last. The colour of the foundation should be matching to your skin tone. Brown, light brown and natural beige works out best. You can either apply matte finish or liquid foundation on your face.

Step 2 – Apply back cream or eye-shadow to your eyelids. Blend it well; use your finger or Q-tip to gently spread it on the eyelids. The eye shadow can also be applied after you apply the black cream to give more depth to the witch’s makeup.

Step 3 – Line the contour of your eyes with black eyeliner, apply it on upper eyelids and then below the eye.

Step 5 – Apply black or purple eye shadow on the eyebrows. Accentuate the eyebrows with black pencil.

Step 4 – Use sponge to apply light green cream on your face.

Step 5 – Use the brush to apply medium green to your cheeks. Apply darker green to the center of cheeks to highlight your cheek-bones.

Step 6 – Apply powder to blend the makeup well.

Step 7 – Outline the lips with eyeliner and fill it with either black cream or purple lipstick.

Step 8 – Highlight the lips contour with the eyeliner again after filling. It accentuates the effect.

Step 9 – last step is to put mascara on the eyelashes and leave them to dry.

If you have a false nose for the witch makeup, apply it on your nose. Pat it with the same makeup so that the crooked nose gels in with your makeup. If you select and apply a good quality cosmetic kit, it should stay for about 6 hours. To take it out just use some hot water and liquid soap or face wash.

Witch Costume Accessories


Now that you have completed the makeup, put on your witch costume. Accessories such as a hat and broom and make you look like a real wicked witch.

Magnificent Witch Makeup on YouTube

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Do you religiously follow the makeup steps or just sprinkle powder, lipstick and rush?

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WriterArtist on 10/15/2014

Dear Kinworm - I think makeup enhances your personality. It is just not about Halloween but any function or celebration. Try applying some mascara or eyeliner and lipstick. You will fall in love with yourself.

Marie on 10/15/2014

I'll probably be dressing like a witch for Halloween. I don't normally do make-up but I think witches are much more frightening with green faces :)

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