Making Most of Your Tiger Safari

by pateluday

Tiger safari or tours is favourite recreation for holiday makers. In fact wildlife watching is an emerging trend among the holiday makers all over the globe.

Tiger safari is the travel solution that seeks to satisfy your urge to watch animals and birds as well. This method of recreation is fast becoming popular among wildlife enthusiasts and birders. But the buck does not stop here this recreation is now popular way of making a holiday thrilling and to carry back some knowledge.

Nature tours and packages find many subscribers seeking an excursion to quest an urge to see the tiger along with other mammals. For some recreation is limited to avian species while many other wish to photograph and film the enchanting life forms in India.

Forest Landscape

Forest Landscape
Forest Landscape

Wild Animal Safaris in India

Tiger Tours

The tiger is the main focus of wildlife enthusiasts, film makers and photographers. The best option to see the tiger in its natural habitat is to go on a safari. Safaris are organized in many reserves of India as a tourism initiative. This is not only a means of recreation but it is also a means to earn revenue which is plowed back into conservation to save endangered animals like the big cats, rhino, Asiatic Lion, Indian Elephant and many more. 

While most of the conservation units are for the big cats there are some for other animals as well. The major or star attraction is the tiger and hence tours are organized at many reserves for the interest of the tourists.   

This form of excursion is usually organized in parks in remote confines where dense forest canopy offers an ideal habitat for the carnivores in India. Incidentally due to distant travel and the services provided in far flung locales the cost accrued is substantial.   

Search For Tigers

Big Cat Tours

Canter SafariBig Cat Tours are very popular in India but before you join one you need to know some facts. 

Tiger sightings are good only at few reserves hence book tours which are focused on those destinations only. Some of the popular places are:

  • Kanha National Park in MP
  • Bandhavgarh National Park in MP
  • Pench National Park in MP
  • Tadoba Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra 
  • Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan
  • Corbett in Uttarakhand    

Prefer these destination if you wish to see the predator in the wild. Many package tour itinerary organize a visit to one or two of these places and thus your chance to see the big cat will increase tremendously. 



Tiger Video


Spotted Deer
Spotted Deer

Tourism Formalities

Excursion Permits

Jeep SafariWhether you are traveling independently or with a group in a package, see to it that the excursion permits are booked before hand. These permits are a prerequisite else you will not be allowed inside the park. 

These permits are booked on line at MP ONLINE Portal. If not done in advance you can go empty handed or not get your favorite zone in the park. The tour operator or the hotel management should be able to do it for you. You can do it yourself if traveling independently.  

Current bookings are also available but their availability is a big question mark?

Also find out the local weather and carry clothes accordingly. Carry medicines and other essentials as you will be visiting remote locations. 

Inform food preferences to tour operator or hotels you are going to stay at in advance. 


Dense Forests
Dense Forests

Organized Safaris

What To Expect?

Usually there are two safaris in a day. One is early in the morninrig and other late evening. The morning safari begins at predawn or little later and is of five hours in duration. Breakfast is towed in the jeep and consumed at nominated centers. This is supplied by the resort you are staying at or else please make a request.  

There is an option of full day safari as well. In this you can stay inside the park whole day. You can enter half an hour early and exit half an hour late. Four people are allowed in the jeep but conditions may defer from reserve to reserve hence inquire beforehand.

The extended safaris are most suited to amateur film makers and professional photographers. For extensive photographic expeditions special permissions are needed from MOEF ministry and PCCF of the State concerned.   

 The excursions are in an open jeeps and canters (shared) and you are not allowed to step foot in the park. A park guide accompanies the vehicles but it is good to hire a naturalist as well if your hotel does not provide one.  

For night drives in the buffer permits are available from the gate window. Few vehicles are permitted inside hence be quick.

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