Magnificent Maleficent Costumes for Women

by Marie

Guide to help women on choosing a Halloween outfit based on Disney's famous Sleeping Beauty villain, the evil fairy queen: Maleficent.

I was so eager to watch and see Angelina Jolie take on Disney's famous Villain - so much so that my daughter and I rushed to the first showing to see it at the local cinema. Disney films rarely disappoint and we'd already loved Frozen which was the previous movie. Angelina rocks the good fairy gone bad role to perfection and it is an awesome story of why Maleficent was so evil.

As my daughter wanted to dress as her for Halloween trick or treating, I've spent a while looking at costumes and getting ideas. The main point is that there are different styles depending whether you want to go for the new character or the older Sleeping Beauty 1959 one. Or maybe choose something between the two. Have fun choosing.

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Maleficent's Christening Gown Costume

Angelina Rocks the Best Costume in the Whole Movie

The Christening scene gown is simply breathtaking and it had to be a complete show stopper because it is the crucial point of the story where this wicked Queen or sorceress decides to place a curse on the baby Aurora, otherwise known as Sleeping Beauty. In the original fairytale, this scene happens nearer the start of the story. But in the new movie we get a whole back story before this point which really helps to explain just why Maleficent decides to do something so despicable in cursing an innocent child.

Angelina dresses head to toe in slick black for this magical moment apart from her bright crimson red lips and nude color long nails. She looks dramatic, strong, powerful and like no other villain you've encountered before. Of course, the actual movie dress is enormous and has a vast train which sweeps behind her as she strides into the Royal castle to confront King Stefan and his Queen. This outfit (and it does include the horned headpiece as well by the way) is instantly recognizable as being this character and if you want to make it even more of a statement piece, think about adding on a long black cloak too.

While the horns are included in the above outfits, the staff that the top model poses with is not. You can complete the look of this character by adding her magical staff on. This item becomes quite essential while she is without her wings. She needs the staff for balance to lean on and also to use in a magical sense. It is with her during the Christening scene and in many others too.

While Angelina rocks the jet black styling, the older design for this character is mostly black and purple with a face that turns a puce shade of green. This sleek and figure hugging dress is based on a far sexier look for the evil Sleeping Beauty Queen.

Even though she doesn't actually wear this style dress in the movie (she doesn't wear purple) it is instantly recognizable as this famous Villain and it is an official Disney item too. I have to say that I really love this particular option, I loved the way it hugs across the body with the sleek opening in the front of the dress and the dramatic additions of the large collar piece and the sleeves. You do get the collar and the horned headpiece included but not the Raven which is called Diablo in the animated version and Diaval in the latest.

If the main Halloween costumes above are not inspiring you, you can also take a look and search out these alternative suggestions. These are all credible choices for playing the part of a wronged fairy.

Women's Evil Sorceress Adult Costume: Although this is not quite how Ms Jolie looks in the new movie, you can still pull off the look you need with this medieval inspired sorceress dress with the high and dramatic collar. Merely ditch the headpiece and buy yourself some black horns instead to look like this good fairy gone bad. I think this one is a brilliant alternative option.

Adult Maleficent Outfit by Disguise: This purple and black tunic plus hood with horns is based on the original Disney Villain in the 1959 animated version of Sleeping Beauty. Everyone recognizes her with the distinct black and purple colors. It has pretty good reviews overall with people commenting on how comfortable and roomy the tunic is to wear. The main downside is with the flimsy horns but you can buy those separately if you want a more robust pair.

Charades Women's Witchy Woman Set: What a wet leather look! To get a truly evil vibe going, how about this slinky and sexy take on the bad girl Angelina with the thigh split dress, lace up front, dramatic shoulders and headpiece. This is one costume that is going to get you noticed!

Should You Wear Wings with this Costume?

Angel Wings
Angel Wings

If you've seen the movie already, you'll know that for much of the film we see a wingless character. I can't say why here because that would mean spoilers. But I will say that unless you want to portray the young Maleficent (who is clothed in natural and earthly shades of browns) or the older character towards the end who wears her wings with a very tight fitting sleek black pant suit which is a really hard look to pull off, you really won't be needing any wings.

You may just want to add them on for the fun of it or because you're trying to emulate a particular scene which you love. In that case, look for brown feather wings if playing the young character or black feather wings if not. For an adult, I think black is the best choice and makes more sense with the flow of the story too. These wings are large and feathered like bird wings and not like your typical butterfly style wings that fairies normally wear. So do bear that in mind before you buy.

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You won't realistically be able to buy a pair of wings anywhere near as big as the ones worn by Angelina since they are enormous. But here are three good adult sized options that give you the right styling and design. If you're going to use these as part of your clothing this Halloween, I'd say to opt to wear a plain black pant suit underneath with a long sleeve black t-shirt and some tight fitting black pants.

As well as being more in tune with the looks played out on the big screen, a tight pant suit will also show off the wings far better than a dress or gown will. And if you're going to wear wings, you really want them to stand out too. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. Be truly magnificent this October!

It's All About the Headpiece!

Need some horns for your outfit? Check out my additional Maleficent Headpiece Costume Page to find just the right gear.
Updated: 10/04/2017, Marie
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