Math Bulletin Board Ideas

by SquidooGirl

Find creative and inexpensive ways to decorate your teacher bulletin board with math inspired ideas.

On a Budget Math Bulletin Board Ideas

Using Common Items to Make Bulletin Boards Creative

There are many ways to decorate a bulletin board but sometimes you just get sick of the same old displays. Well, I am here to tell you that it is definitely possible to make an attractive and interactive math bulletin board on a budget. Look at all the resources and materials that are sitting right under your nose! For instance, take a peek in your recycle bin at home. I would bet money on it that you have empty cereal boxes, cans, and other empty food containers. These are perfect for making a mathematics bulletin board. How? Grab some tape and staples to attach them to the board. Now group them and put a price tag underneath them. For example, put three cheez-its boxes in the top corner and write in sharpie on each box how much it's worth. Then put a blank white laminated sheet underneath for the students to add up the items. 

Fraction Bulletin Board Ideas

Teaching Equal Parts

Think of all the ways you learned how to make fractions. Yes, that's right brainstorm! Pies, pizzas, cakes, cheese wheels, and etc. There are hundreds of objects that you could put on your math bulletin to represents parts and wholes. Make the bulletin board as a class; children love being able to participate. Have each student pick a food or shape to make out of construction paper. Make sure you sit them down in a whole group discussion listing items that could work. Remind them that these items must have equal parts. Challenge the students to make their objects 3D; students will be ecstatic to try!

Already Made Fraction Bulletin Board Pizzas

Teach fractions with pizza slices!
Scholastic Teacher's Friend Pizza Fractions! Bulletin Board (TF8012)

Money Bulletin Board Idea

Learning How to Count

The second biggest concept in math is teaching about money. Making change and learning how to count are two very important pieces. You always want to have a money bulletin board up in your classroom for at least the beginning of the unit. Make coins out of tin foil paper. For pennies, coat the foil with copper/bronze colored paint. You can involve your students as well by having them cut out little circles and taking a turn with a paint brush. These bulletin boards would be for early elementary grades if they still haven't identified the value of the coins. Make big titles over each coin to show how much it's worth. Cut out a huge piggy bank using pink paper with a slit in the top. Make the pig extra large so you can fold over the edges and make it 3D. Kids will have a ball dropping their tin foil pennies in the bank. You can have a counting lesson making it interactive and fun!

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