Melodies in Motion Clocks and Related Clocks

by blackspanielgallery

These clocks open and parts move about while they play tunes. They are entertaining. The tunes can be changed, so they can be seasonal as well as everyday clocks.

Melodies in Motion clocks by Seiko and the Rhythm clocks are simply magnificent. I first became aware of these clocks at Disney World while visiting the Japanese pavilion in Epcot. There was a section of the wall with clocks, and when the hour struck they went into well choreographed movements with the faces of each clock opening with the parts of the faces moving in synchronized maneuvers. After a short time the clock faces went back to their original arrangements. Each clock performed a different set of movements. Some of the more elaborate clocks had other parts that also went into motion.

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Why Is the Word Melodies Part of the Name?

The clocks play tunes while they perform their maneuvers.  Many come with several tunes that one can select, including seasonal tunes.  So, as Christmas approaches one can select a Christmas tune, then select a different tune after the season ends.  The number of tunes each clock comes with makes it difficult to become bored with the sounds the clock makes.  

Each Clock Is Unique

The still images on Amazon and at Princeton Watches websites are inadequate to appreciate what these clocks do.  The videos are a must, and it is important to view them.  After seeing a clock you like it is important to order a clock with the same model number.  Occasionally two clocks are identical except for color, but that is rare. 


In addition to having the face open and move, a different view is soon evident.  Look beyond the face and see what is normally hidden.  In some cases figures come forth and move about, in other clocks the synchronized movements of the face are so impressive any addition would detract from the clock’s beauty.


One nice feature of some of these clocks is the night mode where they can be silenced at night.

Seiko Melodies in Motion Clocks

One of the two makers of these beautiful clocks is Seiko.  Seiko has a large number of different designs.  There are those with motion, and those with face openings, then there are those with both features.  Some of these clocks are available on Amazon.  However, Princeton Watches has a very large selection at the link highlighted.  

Melodies in Motion Clock

Seiko Melodies in Motion Clock

Video for the Clock Above

Video Matches the Clock Avove

Melodies in Motion Clock

Rhythm Clocks

The other similar clocks are called Rhythm clocks.  These are equally varied in design, and also are quite beautiful.  These are found both on Amazon and at the highlighted kink to Princeton Watches.

Clock Shown Above

Rhythm Clock

Rhythm Cloock

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Updated: 11/07/2015, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 11/22/2015

Many have a night mode.

CruiseReady on 11/22/2015

Wow! These musical motion clocks are just amazing. I especially like the first one, and see that it has a light sensor so that it will silence itself when it's dark. That's really cool.

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