Metal and Wooden Glider Bench and Benches

by Sam

Metal and Wooden Glider Bench and Benches come in many variations, here a few of them ...

No matter, if you are dreaming of sitting southern style in a smoothly rocking and gliding bench in your porch, patio or garden, there is a wide selection of different glider benches to choose from. Small or large, wood or metal, rustic or elegant, there is virtually a glider bench for every possible taste and location on the home and garden market. Available either readily assembled, in do-it-yourself assembly flat-packs or with assembly service included. Choose the one you like most and that is the most adequate for your climate, house or garden and enjoy the soft rocking in the afternoon sun. Perhaps with a glass of iced tea or chilled white wine and a good book in your hand? Or settle down with your (grand) child in your lap and gently rock it to sleep. A gliding bench is not only a great seat for many occasions it is also a great visual addition to your garden, patio or porch. It is the symbol of hospitality and comfort and the more you will share it, the more you will enjoy it. Oh, and did I mention that a glider bench is great for romantic couples, both old or young ones? ;-)

But what is a glider bench and how does it work?

Gliding benches are similar to rockers in the way they work. They could be also described as rocking chairs for more then one person! But rather like rocking chairs that “rock” up and down as well as forward and backward, glider benches “glide”, hence the name, forward and backward in a far smoother motion. The base stays stable and the upper part glides on rails or similar. As the lower part stays stable, there is less risk of tipping a glider bench, then for example, a rocking chair. And other then, for example, porch swings, they don't need any additional, external support like chains. Which makes them especially comfortable and safe for older people and children. Glider benches come in many different materials or combinations thereof.

Beautiful Hartwood Glider Bench Country Style

Click image for more details!
Hardwood Bench Glider

Wooden Glider Benches

Perhaps the best known and most used material for glider benches is wood, teak, mahogany, cedar and even eucalyptus wood is used. Wood glider benches come either in “wood only”, means base and top are made only of wood or a in combinations with metal. Then the base, and often also the arms, are made from metal whilst the seat is made from wood. Before deciding on one particular model, you should enquire if the wood needs further treatment after you have assembled the bench or if that is done already. Take for example the model on the right, the hugely popular “SunSetter Classic Glider Bench”, it requires some assembly work and some wood treatment, but it comes with free shipping. Actually from all the models I have seen so far, it is my favorite because of the great price / value ratio!

Polyethylene Glider Benches

Polyethylene is used for this kind of glider benches for the seat and rust-resistant metal is used for arms and base. Their main advantages are that they are resistant against humidity (important if you live in a hot-humid climate), light (easy to move around) and easy to clean (wiping with a damp cloth normally does the trick). Some assembly will be required if you choose the model on the right, but as it is made from polyethylene, no further treatment is necessary. Another favorite model of mine, as it is great, if you have children that tend to spill things and need an easy to clean glider bench. It is also very climate and weather resistant and requires little additional care. Other advantages include that they are so strong that they will not not crack, chip or peel and are resistant to UV-light. Their surface is stain-resistant and extremely easy to clean. Just a cloth and a bit of hot, soapy water will suffice. The material is also “amenable” enough to mold it into contoured and comfortable shapes. They come in many colors to choose from and make a fantastic show piece for your garden, patio, porch, lawn or backyard and are made in such a way that they can be left outside in most climates the whole year round.

They are great for climates where wood dries out quickly and / or metal gets too hot in the sun.

Bestselling Glider Bench on Amazon

Lifetime 2871 Indoor/Outdoor Glider Bench, Putty
Only $171.86

Metal or Cast Iron Glider Benches

These have a certain “old world” or colonial feel to them. They are heavy and not easy to move around, but also extremely difficult to damage and highly resistant to environmental influences. Wrought or cast iron is very durable and ages with grace, becoming more beautiful over time and the black-silver antique finish gives it the “certain extra”. It only requires minor assembly work, so just decide where you want to put it, adjust it and you are ready to spend the afternoon in your new metal iron glider bench.

Do you have a glider bench or consider buying one? Just leave a comment!

Assembling a glider bench isn't too hard!

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Whilst I am personally a great fan of gliding benches, I have to admit there are many more types of outdoor benches around than just an outdoor glider bench!
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Sam on 08/24/2012

Yes, they are comfy and give a nice retro feel to the porch / garden / house, don't they? SY

katiem2 on 08/23/2012

I adore wood gliders, reminds me of Grandmas house

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