Mickey Mouse Themed Party Supplies & Decoration Ideas

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Mickey mouse birthday party theme is always loved by children. Learn how to throw a perfect Mickey Mouse party! Find everything you need to know on this page.

Mickey mouse has been an ever popular character among children of all ages. Planning your kid's next birthday party with a Mickey Mouse Theme will be a logical choice as it will be loved by everyone, even adults will love it! This Disney character lives in the hearts of many people from a very long time and is loved equally by children and adults. This particular party theme will make a wonderful entertainment for all.

Plan a Mickey Mouse Themed Party!

Kids Will Love It


This page will provide you with everything you need to know about organizing a perfect Mickey Mouse Party.  Here you will find different ideas about decorating your party place and selecting the right items for a perfectly themed Mickey Mouse look. You can order them online and have them delivered at your doorstep or you can prepare many items at home. Whatever you decide to do, we are here to help you plan a fabulous  Mickey Mouse Party.

Hmm... Where To Start?

Prepare a Birthday Party Checklist

Planning a birthday party may prove to be quite a challenge if you are not prepared for it. Prepare a checklist of all the things you are supposed to plan and arrange. It is always useful to have at hand a couple of party planning books at hand for unique ideas. You can have a handy Party Planning Checklist at RealSimple.com. This checklist will ensure that you take everything in consideration and don't forget anything during the process. If you are interested in party planning and are a frequent party thrower then 'How To Throw A Perfect Party' will prove to be a quite useful book for getting ideas on throwing any kind of party.

Next?? Prepare your Mickey Mouse Party Invitations

Tell your guests about your party theme

Designing out party invitations at home will be a lot of fun. If your whole family helps out, you can have a lot of party invitations ready all with your own creativity. Children can draw on little cards or thumb print on them, or you can get Mickey Mouse Stickers to put on them.

If you don't have enough time then you can always print our Mickey Mouse Invitations available on internet and personalize them. Otherwise you can buy some handsome Mickey Mouse Party Invitations on Amazon.

When To Send Out The Invitations?

The ideal time to send out your Mickey Mouse Invitations will be at least 3 weeks before the party date. This will ensure that the guests receive the invitation if it is mailed to them as it sometimes takes time to reach them. Invitation should tell the guests all the exact details of the party. Party venue, time, date and all the other details you wish to enter should be included.

Now Get Your Mickey Mouse Party Supplies

Mickey Mouse Tableware is a MUST!

In planning a Mickey Mouse Party you should make sure that everywhere a person looks, the party place screams "MICKEY MOUSE" back at him!!

Make sure that your food table has Mickey Mouse Themed Tableware on it. It is not a good idea to wait until the last days to get your Mickey Mouse Party Supplies. You should have them at least 2 weeks before the party to ensure nothing is broken or damaged.

Featured below for your convenience is the cheapest and most popular Mickey Mouse Party Pack available online.




This party pack includes:

  • 16 Mickey Mouse Lunch Plates
  • 16 Mickey Mouse Lunch Napkins
  • 16 Mickey Mouse Paper Cups
  •  2 Mickey Mouse Plastic tablecovers
  •  16 Plastic Yellow Forks
  • 16 Plastic Yellow Spoons
  • 16 Plastic Yellow Knives
  •  16 Mickey Mouse Invitations
  • 16 Mickey Mouse Blowouts
  • 1 Mickey Mouse Banner
  •  2 Mickey Mouse Centerpieces
  • 20 Assorted Color Balloons
  • 1 White Curling Ribbon
  • 1 Red Crepe Streamer
  • 1 Yellow Crepe Streamer
  • 24 Birthday Candles

All this only for $50. This would fullfill all your requirements and needs and wont be heavy on your budget.

Or you can get the Ultimate Mickey Mouse Party Kit complete with Mickey Mouse favor boxes, Mickey Mouse Invitations and Thank you notes, Mickey Mouse Centerpieces, Mickey Mouse Playbooks and Sticker books, Mickey Mouse tattoos and many more Items.

Pick Out The Perfect Mickey Mouse Cake

Or Do You Want Cupcakes??

A party is nothing without a cake that makes you go 'Woww'! Making a wish, Blowing out the candles and cutting the cake is the main part of a birthday bash. Without a Mickey Mouse Themed Cake, the party would be no fun at all.

A Mickey Mouse Cake can be ordered easily. You can tell your desired decorations and specifications of the cake to the baker and have a perfect party cake.

If you know how to bake a cake, then making the Ultimate Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake should be no problem at all! Many cake toppers and edible images can now be found easily in market. You can bake a simple cake and decorate with desired toppings. A Mickey Mouse Cake Pan will help you bake a Mickey Mouse Shaped cake if you like. Two Mickey Mouse Cake Pans by Wilton are featured below.

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes will be no problem at all. Just bake simple cupcakes in Mickey Mouse Baking Cups and stick some Mickey mouse Cupcake Picks or toppers for decoration.

Learn How To Make A Mickey Mouse Cake

Mickey Mouse Cake Pans By Wilton

Bake Your Own Mickey Mouse Cake
Wilton Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake Pan
$19.85  $19.48
Wilton Disney Mickey Mouse Cake Pan (2105-3601, 1995) Ret...
Only $30.91

Video Tutorial on How To Make A Mickey Mouse Cake

This Video Tutorial Will Help You Decorate Your Mickey Mouse Cake

Mickey Mouse Cake Ideas For Inspiration

Mickey Mouse Themed Cake
Mickey Mouse cake for your child. This cake will be best matched with the party theme.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake
This cake is for Mickey's Clubhouse Fans

Mickey Themed Cake
Gorgeous mickey mouse cake

Mickey Mouse Cake for Birthday
Fondant mickey mouse cake for kids birthdays

Mickey Mouse Cake & Cupcake Toppers

Decorate your cake with Mickey Mouse Cake Toppers

Cake and cupcake toppers come in a variety of sizes and designs. Edible cake images can be placed on cakes or the cake can be topped with Mickey Mouse Candles and Figurines. Mickey Mouse Cupcake rings will be ideal for Mickey Mouse Cupcakes. Candy Confetti is always a good choice for decorating your cake.

Decorate Your Party Place With Mickey Mouse Party Decorations

Start Decorating!

Invitations sent, Cake selected, Party Supplies ready. Now it's time to start decorating your place!

you should start decorating your party place 3 or 4 days before the party. It will help you stay relaxed and fresh before the party if you do little decoration at a time. Mickey Mouse Theme should be complimented with all Mickey Mouse Party Decorations. Some items that can be used are:

  • Mickey Mouse Balloons
  • Mickey Mouse Birthday Banner
  • Mickey Mouse Streamers
  • Mickey Mouse Confetti
  • Mickey Mouse Wall Decals
  • Mickey Mouse Danglers
  • Mickey Mouse Pinata

All of these items are easily available in market and can also be purchased online. Spread the Mickey mouse Confetti on the party table for a mickey look. Mickey mouse Posters can be pasted on the walls to decorate them. A Mickey Mouse Party Backdrop will be great to decorate the place.

Choose your desired party decorations online and have them delivered at your doorstep.

Make Sure You're At The Door To Welcome The Guests

Make Them Feel At Home...

As the kids start to arrive, welcome them warmly. Give each kid his party hat to put on. The kids should have something to do while they wait for other guests.

A bunch of Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages will make sure that they don't get bored while waiting. Prepare a crafts table for coloring.

You can also place some Play Doh there so they can have fun making different things.

Also put a jar of cookies or lollypops on the table so they don't get hungry!

Entertain Your Guests with Mickey Mouse Party Games

Have Fun!!

Party bash is no fun without super fantastic party games. Mickey Mouse Themed Party Games will make your party a perfect rock n roll place. Different games can be organized for entertainment of kids. The winners should be given prizes complimenting with the Mickey Mouse Theme.

Some of the games that can be organized are:

  • Musical chair
  • Pass The Parcel
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Card Matching Games
  • Poke the Balloons
  • Pin Mickey's Lost Ear Back On Mickey!

1. Have Some Musical Fun with Musical Chair: Grab a CD with Mickey Mouse Music, set some chairs and start playing the tunes while the children grab their chairs. Bound to be fun!

2. Pass the Hat: Take a Mickey Mouse Hat and put little slips of paper in it with tasks written on them. Kids will pass the hat around while Mickey Mouse Music plays. The kid having the hat when music stops will take out a task and perform it. If he succeeds he gets a gift!

3. Mickey Mouse Treasure Hunt: Hide small Mickey Mouse objects under cushions, behind decoration items and start the hunt! The items hidden may be stickers, key chains, colors and other small mickey mouse items.

4. Card Matching Game: A fun Mickey Mouse card game which can be brought easily. The kids will turn two cards to see if they match. The winner will be the one whose cards match.

5. Poke The Balloons: Put little slips of paper with gifts written on them in the balloons while blowing them. Ask the kids Poke the balloons, they get the gifts written on their slips.

6. Replace Mickey's Ear: Cut out mickeys head from a card board or pin a poster on the wall. The kids will pin the ear missing from head. You can cut out the ear from the cardboard face or make an extra one if you are choosing a poster.

7. Tear The Pinata: Tearing the pinata is a perfect way to end the party. Let the kids tear yhe Mickey Mouse Pinata and collect the goodies that fall out.

8. Play Doh Will Also Do: Younger kids will love to make things with Play Doh. Mickey mouse doh cutters can be used to make mickey mouse faces.

Mickey Mouse Party Favors & Thank You Notes

Give Them Something To Remember You With

Mickey Mouse party favors will make the guests remember your party and all the fun they had there. Put a Thank you Note in the favor boxes to thank them for coming. Mickey Mouse Party Take Away and gifts will be loved by all the kids who came to your party.

favor boxes can be bought in market. They come in 2 ways. Filled in favor boxes already have all the goodies in them. Or you can purchase empty Mickey Mouse Favor Boxes and fil them up with items of your own choice.

Make sure to tell them that the party would have been no fun at all without their presence!

That's It!

You Have Planned A Perfect Party. Now Enjoy!
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A Mickey Mouse party would be great for toddlers and possibly older kids as well. Pinning

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