Mind Dimensions Omnibus by Dima Zales

by AlishaLutz

"Mind Dimensions Omnibus" is a new scifi series by Dima Zales that explores super powers, the importance of friendship, and finding yourself.

* I received this ebook series in exchange for my honest review from Tomoson.com. All opinions are my own*

I will be honest and say that this was a very decent book. I will stay away from spoilers as I feel that this was a pretty decent series and I would hate to ruin it. The books follow the growth of the main protagonist, Darren, as he struggles to come to terms with his powers of time control and the loneliness of knowing that you are so painfully unique, not just because he has powers, but because he is also a genius. In time, he meets Mira and his whole life changes.

The plot was steady and well thought out with just the right amount of twists. I wanted to finish the whole thing before posting my review, but in doing so, I feel I rushed a bit so I will be going back and re-reading because this is a series you can read multiple times. Part of the reason I was on such a time crunch was because I also could not download the book from the author's website for the life of me which was very frustrating. I would suggest using Amazon and not the author's website.

Usually, sci-fi is not my thing, but the characters and their relationships more than make up for it. The idea of freezing time has long been one that has fascinated readers and movie buffs alike and Dima Zales has joined these ranks. I would have liked for him to have done something different with the idea, but for a new author, he did a pretty good job keeping the story fresh. There were a few lulls in the story and there were some questions that never get answered which was a tad bit annoying. Example? You relate to Darren and Mira and feel sympathetic to them because they are orphans, but yet, the author never delves into how that comes to pass. One thing I will say is that this series will be a big hit with the young adult crowd despite some mature themes. I would say definitely check it out and make up your own mind about the writing of this new author.

Updated: 04/24/2016, AlishaLutz
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