Mind Journey

by Reddawg2012

Hello, everyone. I wrote the first two pieces at the age of 15. The third, about 20 years ago. They are, I suppose, technically, antique poems.

I was not the optimistic fool that I am now at the age of 15. Plus, I had more hair then.

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Mind Journey, Desperation and Secret

Mind Journey

Walk along the walls of your mind, to seek what secrets you can find.  Step with caution, move with care, explore the unknown if you dare.  Travel the mind, where there's no place to hide, nowhere to escape to once you're inside.  Journey into the depths of your brain, find out how much of you is insane. Go down to your logic's source, watch your thinking's mangled course.  Can you distinguish fact from fantasy?  and fiction from reality?  Or are you in a living hell, with only your past  on which to dwell?  Observe the pattern of every thought; then find the things in life you sought.



Why does the light in your mind seem to fade slowly?  Here in the night I have walked, feeling so lonely.  Losing the fight that will be won by those who keep on rolling, knowing what's right, but who can say where anyone is going?  You said you'd found love, but decided it wasn't real.  How can you tell when you don't know just how I feel?  One more chance is all I need, I swear I won't deceive you.  I love you so much; how I wish I never had to leave you.  Up in the sky, I can hear all the angels singin', thinkin' out loud about the love that you could be bringin'.  Spendin' my days and my nights with my head in a whirl, why can't I stop, close my mind, forget about that girl? Where is the peace that I had when I was just a child?  Gone since the day that we met, when you looked at me and smiled.  Now I must walk all alone, without my love beside me, wishing that someone would come and find a way to hide me.



I've got a secret to share with you,

it's comprehended by only a few.  

Like most good things, it's not complicated.

I just hope you're not too aberrated, to find out who are your friends and your foes,

and if you won't listen, well that's how it goes.

And yet, if you do, you'll be able to see

how your mind's been locked up, and you'll soon have the key.

All you've seen, smelled or touched has all been recorded,

but to your conscious mind, not all has been reported.

Everything that you've heard, all that's felt when you're weary,

reemerges at times, and can make your life dreary.

In a way, it's like you're going down on a ladder,

and coming back up knowing what was the matter.

At least, that's the thing one would hope you can do,

and emotions expressed are more happy and true.

Be selective about with whom you share your dream.

All too often in life, things are not as they seem.

Even family and friends, though they tell their own tale,

in their insecure hearts just may want you to fail.

The point is to never compare yourself with the rest,

'cause at being yourself, well, you're simply the best.

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Updated: 03/05/2012, Reddawg2012
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