Minecraft Build List: Things To Build In Minecraft

by Seelyon

Looking for a Minecraft build list of things to build in Minecraft? This page has plenty of great ideas for projects that will keep you busy for hours after you've done all the bat

Looking for a Minecraft build list of things to build in Minecraft? This page has plenty of great ideas for projects that will keep you busy for hours after you've done all the battling of Minecraft Creatures that you can handle.

With hundreds of hours invested into Minecraft myself I know that sometimes it can be difficult to come up with ideas for buildings so I've put together a list of my favourite things to build in Minecraft. While I'm recommending these things below to be built in Minecraft, don't forget that there are plenty of free Minecraft alternatives around if you don't have a copy of Minecraft but want to create some epic buildings.

If you've got your own suggestions on things to build in Minecraft then don't hesitate to comment at the bottom of the page and I'll be sure to add the best recommendations to this Minecraft build list.

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Is Building The Best Part Of Minecraft?

Is Building The Best Part Of Minecraft?

Your Dream House or Current Home

I'm starting with an obvious option for the first item on this Minecraft build list just to get the ideas flowing. A house or castle is probably the most popular first build item in Minecraft (I've built dozens in my play time). But this time around I want you to challenge yourself one step further.

I want you to either perfectly replicate the layout of your current house (that means to scale) or picture you're absolute dream house and pretend that whatever you build in Minecraft you'll have to live in for the rest of your life. With this extra element I was able to get a whole new experience out of building a home.

Do I want a pool on the roof? A lava dungeon? Where do I want to sleep? All of these questions are things that you'll have to consider.


Something From Real Life

I love making something from the real world in Minecraft because the hard part is already done for you and all you have to do is replicate it. This can be as simple as replicating a glass in your house to building the famous Eiffel Tower.

If you decide to create a small item then upscale it! Make a huge fridge in Minecraft or a huge stuffed animal. Minecraft is all about doing everything bigger and better so make it as impressive as possible. There is no shortage of ideas here from books to fans to board games everybody has something in their house worth rebuilding in Minecraft.



As someone who loves to sail and be on the sea a boat is often something that many Minecraft builders overlook on their quest to find things to build in Minecraft.

Part of the rule for this one is that you have to be able to build your ship over the sea which adds another fun element. You can even expand this idea to shape an entire harbour or dock for your boat.

The type of boat you build is completely up to you from a huge cruise liner to a pirate ship or maybe a simple yacht. You can even use pictures of boats in the real world to help you design and understand the scale required.


A Machine or Invention

With Redstone in Minecraft it's super easy to create machines and other inventions within the game world that act in a similar way to electricity. There is endless potential when playing with Redstone to create your own games, automatic food processors, traps and so much more.

A great place to start is through YouTube or MinecraftInventions.com but once you learn the basics It's always fun to play around with Redstone and discover new opportunities to use it. Unlike Minecraft alternatives, Redstone adds an extra element to gameplay.


Your Final Task.. BLOW IT UP!

My favourite part of Minecraft like most people is blowing things up and it never gets old. Generally I like to create a copy of my world first so that I can preserve my creation and create a second game copy to blow up.

This means I can have my cake and eat it by getting to keep the creation for later but also get the satisfaction of blowing it up.

Why Not Go Out & Build A Minecraft Cake?

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