Minecraft Candy Ideas

by Janet21

Create a wonderful candy display for your Minecraft celebration.

Minecraft is a video game that has quickly risen in popularity. If your child is a big Minecraft fan, they may request a Minecraft party theme for their next birthday celebration.

Candy makes a wonderful addition to any occasion. You could serve it during the party, include it in the party favor bags or incpororate it into an eye-catching candy buffet.

When incorporating this Minecraft inspired candy into your celebration, it is a great idea to include cards on the candy buffet and tags with your party favors which feature a real image of the item from Minecraft World. I have included a photo below of how your Minecraft candy buffet with card would look.

This page features a large selection of unique Minecraft inspired candy ideas that you can use in your Minecraft party planning. The candy I have included here represents the Creeper, coal, Minecraft animals and other elements of this popular video game.

Minecraft World Coal

Purchase this coal themed candy in bags or loose

Mining for coal is one of the popular activities done in Minecraft world.   This coal can be mined with a pickaxe or better and can be used to make torches or used for fuel.

Coal would make a nice addition to your Minecraft party.  You can purchase individual bags of coal or chocolate coal candy (pictured).

Each bag of coal weighs 1/4lb and contains delicious cinnamon candy and the chocolate coal candy is sold in 5lb bags.

Minecraft World Water

Place the blue Minecraft "water" candies in buckets just like in the video game!

Water is a very important part of Minecraft world.  The video game features pools, springs, lakes and infinite water sources.  Water has many uses in the game.

The Blue Hard Candy pictured here would be perfect for your Minecraft inspired water.  The bright, shiny wrapper looks just like water!

In Minecraft water is carried in buckets, therefore, you could place this candy in small metal buckets for party favors or a large galvanized metal bucket for your party table or candy buffet.

Minecraft World Lava and Fire

Red hot candies and fireballs for your Minecraft inspired lava and fire.

Minecraft World contains hot lava and fire.  If you want to incorporate these items into your Minecraft party, there is a large assortment of lava and fire inspired candies to choose from.

You can use red themed candy for your Minecraft lava and fire. Some of the red candies available include Fireballs, Cherry M & M's, Metallic Hard Candies, Lava Jelly Belly Candies, Candy Nuggets, Candy Crystals and more.

Since lava is carried in buckets, you can place the red candy in small metal buckets for party favors or a large galvanized bucket to display on the party table or candy buffet.

Metal Bucket for your Minecraft Water and Lava Candy

Mini Metal Buckets,Pack of 12
$9.97  $6.95

Minecraft World Dirt

Use Minecraft inspired brown candies for your party.

Dirt was one of the first blocks introduced in Minecraft world.  

Dirt is very simple to mine and can be acquired in large amounts.

There is a nice assortment of brown candy you could use for your Minecraft inspired dirt. 

Some of the brown candy includes Amber Rock Candy (pictured), Root Beer Rock Candy Nuggets, Jelly Belly Candies and more.

Minecraft World Grass

Use green licorice strings for your Minecraft inspired grass.

Grass spawns on grass blocks in Minecraft world.  Harvesting tall grass is the main way in which to obtain wheat seeds before you have a wheat farm set up in your world.

The Sour Green Apple Licorice Laces pictured here would be perfect for your Minecraft grass.  This licorice, also referred to as string licorice, measures approximately 36" in length.  You could cut up the string into smaller pieces and display it on a serving plate to resemble grass.

Minecraft Creeper Candy

Green candies

There is a large selection of Creeper inspired Green Candies you could use for your celebration.

Some of the green candies available include rock candy, M & M's, candy sticks, mints, lollipops, licorice, hard candies and much more.

I would personally suggest using a taller type of candy such as the rock candy or candy sticks and place them in a container to look as if they are standing up.


Green Licorice Inspired Creeper Candy

Kennys Licorice Twists, Green Apple, 1 Pound
Only $9.59

Minecraft World Pigs

Anyone want some pork chops?

Pigs are used in Minecraft as a source of food.   When a pig is killed, it will give you 1 to 3 raw pork chops.  If you kill a pig while it is on fire, it will give your 1 to 3 cooked pork chops.  Yummy!

Pigs will make a fun addition to your Minecraft celebration.  

The Gummy Pigs pictured here would be great for your party.  Each order of strawberry flavored gummy pigs comes with approximately 100 candies.


Minecraft World Cows


Cows are passive mobs in Minecraft world.   Cows are a source of leather, raw beef and milk.   They walk around slowly while mooing and will jump wildly if attacked.

If you want to incorporate cows into your Minecraft party favor bags or candy buffet, these adorable White and Black Gummy Cows pictured here would be perfect.

These delicious cow gummy candies measure 2" and feature a fresh vanilla flavor. 

Minecraft World Diamond Ore & Glass Blocks

Diamond ore is considered to be the most valuable blocks in Minecraft World.   Diamonds can be mined with a diamond pickaxe or iron and can be used to make shovels, pickaxes, swords, armor and more.

Glass blocks are decorative blocks in Minecraft World.

I think the Silver Wrapped Candies pictured here would work nicely for your Minecraft Diamond Ore and Glass Blocks.

*Note: Minecraft Diamond Ore is blue, therefore, the blue candies featured above would also work for this item. 

Minecraft World Gold Ore

Gold ore is commonly found underground in Minecraft world and it can be mined using an iron or diamond pickaxe.    You can also smelt the gold ore in a furnace to create gold ingots.   Gold is also the only ore that cannot be mined by a pickaxe of its own material.  So, you can't mine gold ore with a gold pickaxe.

If you want to incorporate gold ore into your Minecraft party,  there is a large selection of Gold Candies to choose from.

Some of the gold themed candy on the market includes gold foiled candy, gold nuggets. gold truffles, gold hard candy and gold chocolate balls.

Minecraft World Cobblestone

Cobblestone is a common block found in Minecraft World. 

Cobblestone can be used to construct walls, towers and roads.   Cobblestone is also a common material used for crafting tools and other items.

The Silver Chocolate Nuggets featured here would be perfect for your edible Minecraft cobblestone.

These delicious chocolates are sold in 5lb bags. 

Make Your Own Spider Candy

Using these specialty candy molds
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Minecraft Party Table

This is an example of how you can create your candy buffet. The image here displays melons but you can use the same concept to display your candy.
Minecraft Buffet
Minecraft Buffet

Minecraft Party Supplies

Fun Creeper Party Favor Sticker
Fun Creeper Party Favor Sticker

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