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Minecraft Costumes are, without a doubt, some of the most popular Halloween Costumes each and every year.

Less than five years after it was originally released, the video game known as “Minecraft” has been officially crowned as the best-selling PC video game ever sold. Even though this sandbox construction game was made primarily for use on personal computers, it is now sold for playing on the xBox 360 and xBox One, the Amazon Fire TV, the PS3 and PS4, as well as on apps called “Pocket Editions” that can be used on smart phones. Because of the tremendous commercial success of this “build it up and tear it down” game, Microsoft used its financial might to purchase Minecraft, as well as its developer company called “Mojang,” for the healthy price tag of $2.5 billion. Indeed, you have never heard of Minecraft before, you must be literally living under a rock as it is popular in virtually every home on Earth provided, however, that there are kids or teenagers living there. As a result of this incredible reality, Minecraft Costumes are the hottest Halloween costumes for teenagers and children alike.

Minecraft Player Costumes

Minecraft Steve Halloween CostumeAt the start of a game in the Minecraft universe, the gamer is generally referred to as a “player.”  Although calling the user playing the video game a player does not seem like it would be accurate, it is and can be confirmed by a review of the Credits following successfully winning the game.  Of course, this simple naming mechanism only serves to confirm the designer’s original goal of keeping the video game as gender-neutral as possible.  In other words, Minecraft was designed so that the gameplay was of primary importance, not the sex of the character.

Minecraft’s protagonist – the character being used by the player in the game – is usually thought of a Steve or Alex.  The reason for that is the new account generation process that occurs when initially setting up the game results in the player being assigned one of two default Minecraft skins, one for Steve and one for Alex.  As a result, dressing up in a Minecraft Steve Costume or a Minecraft Alex Costume is a very popular Halloween costume idea.

Minecraft Steve Costume

Calling a character “Steve” is not exactly what is expected from one of the most creative games ever released.  However, this is yet another example of how an innocent joke from the creators of Minecraft can spawn a cult-following.  Indeed, having sprung into existence from the imagination of Notch, a creator of the game, calling this default Minecraft skin “Steve” just seems to fit.

Currently, the Minecraft Steve Costume is the only Human Minecraft Mask that is commercially available.  While it is made of cardboard, it is not a cheaply made Halloween mask.  To the contrary, this Minecraft Halloween Costume is constructed of thick cardboard that is embellished with high gloss graphics illustrating the face of this popular Minecraft skin.  Measuring twelve inches high, wide and deep, this cube features the pixelated brownish skin and dark brown hair.  The blue eyes have been cut out so the costume wearer can see while going around the neighborhood begging for candy.

This Minecraft attire should be completed by pairing it with a light blue shirt, some worn out blue jeans (there is a lot of underground digging, after all), and some gray work boots.  Of course, if you want the ensemble to look just like the game, do not tuck in the shirt in the back or the left hand side.

Minecraft Mob Costumes

While it is true that some kids elect to wear a Human mask for Halloween, many others would prefer dressing up as one of the many different kinds of mobs that exist throughout the Minecraft universe.  Although most non-gamers would assume that the word “mob” is another word for “horde” – as in a horde of creatures – that definition is incorrect.  Instead, when used in Minecraft “mob” means “mobile.”  The characters are not playable by the user and, hence, referred to as NPC’s or “non-player characters.  However, they roam around the various Minecraft interacting with the players and other mobs, which that interaction being dictated by the type of mob they are.  Generally, Minecraft mobs include hostile, neutral and passive mobs, as well as utility, tamable and boss mobs.

Hostile Mob Costumes


When referring to the term “hostile mobs,” it implies precisely what is thought.  When set on any mode other than creative or peaceful, these non-player characters will instantly attack any players that come in close proximity to them.  The varying kinds of hostile mobs all have different talents and will generally use them against the player while attacking them.  These NPC’s typically identify (and chase) the characters by sight.  As a result, the player can seek to avoid being attacked by hiding in a room with plenty of light assuming, of course, that the room has walls, a roof and a floor.  Of course, sometimes the player is nowhere near their building when it gets dark.  In that event, it sometimes necessary to build a tower of blocks upwards so that he or she is beyond the reach of the attacking hordes.


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