Mistakes People Make When Juicing Carrots

by Noni

There are several mistakes people sometimes make when preparing carrot juice. Learn how to improve the health benefits and taste of your home made carrot juice.


Carrot juice is one of the most delicious juices you can prepare at home by using a centrifugal juicer. It has a distinctive sweetness, which makes it popular as a refreshing drink for all occasions. Carrot juice can be consumed alone or in combination with other juices. There are numerous juice recipes that involve carrots, either as main ingredient or to sweeten the taste of other, otherwise bitter or neutral drinks. In the following we will discuss some common mistakes people do when juicing carrots. These mistakes prevent them from obtaining the best possible quality of carrot juice.

Buying carrots that are not fresh

It is essential to purchase fresh carrots if you want your juice to taste excellent. If the carrots are like rubber or broken, this is a good indication that they are not fresh. The carrot greens can help you make up your mind further. Avoid carrots with wilted carrot tops, as they are most likely old. The third indicator can be the color. Fresh carrots have bright, orange color and shiny texture.

Using carrots that are too thin

A lot of people expect to get a really sweet carrot juice, but they select too thin carrots. The sugars are mostly concentrated in the core region of the carrots. If they are not thick enough, this region will be rather small, which will result in a juice with neutral or slightly sweet flavor. But then again, if you prefer not so sweet drinks, selecting thinner produce may be a good idea.

Juicing with the carrot greens

While carrot tops are extremely nutritious, there are two reasons why you should leave them out when preparing carrot juice. First, they are mildly toxic, or better said, they may cause allergic reaction with some people. The other reason is that they are somewhat bitter and will probably spoil the taste of your juice. Unless you are certain of your juicing skills, it is better not to include the greens when making juice combinations of any kind.


Not peeling the non-organic carrots

Whenever you can, use organic carrots instead of the conventionally grown ones. The reason is simple. The conventional farms use a lot of pesticides and other toxic substances. These harmful substances are assimilated in the vegetables and afterwards they are assimilated in our body. The organic carrots are grown with natural methods and don't pose such a risk. If you use non organic carrots it is always a good idea to peel them prior to juicing them, as the majority of harmful substances are contained within the carrots skin.

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By following the tips above, and with little practice, you will quickly learn how to make great tasting and healthy carrot juice. In time you will learn how to use your imagination to make your own healthy juicer recipes.


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