How to Improve Your Health With Noni Juice Iridoids

by Noni

Noni (Latin name, Morinda Citrifolia) is probably one of the most investigated medicinal plants. This article summarizes the health benefits of Noni Juice's most active nutrients.


Noni contains more than 150 nutrients and a broad range of bioactive components, including vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides, flavonoids, fatty acids, as well as at least 14 identified iridoids. The juice obtained from ripe Noni fruits after processing and pasteurization is believed to be one of the best nutritional supplement drinks on the markets today.

Recently, it has been discovered that the majority of the health benefits of Noni juice can be ascribed to the presence of the iridoids and the health improving properties are not so much to be attributed to the other nutritive compounds. The amazing bioactivity of these chemical compounds is clearly visible at the cellular level of the organism, where they improve the immune system and show some strong cardiovascular, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiviral and anticancer effects. In this article we will try to examine the rationale behind the claims about the dominant role of these chemical compounds in the overall bio-chemical dynamics of the organism.

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Chemical composition of one known iridoid (iridomyrmecin)

Chemical structure of one known iridoid (iridomyrmecin)
Chemical structure of one known irido...

What are iridoids?

Iridoids are bioactive phytochemicals produced by the plants as a means to defend against various pathogens and other threats and diseases (plant defense mechanisms). They are notably different from the bio-flavonoids and carotenoids. They have a relatively simple chemical structure which is partly responsible for their great stability, biological availability and adaptability. Iridoids are discovered in many plant species (especially medicinal plants) where they are frequently bound to glucose. However, the presence of iridoids in fruits is not so common, except in rare cases, such is their abundance in the ripe Noni fruits, and also, in lesser degree, in cranberries. 

In laboratory conditions, iridoids show a huge spectrum of biological activities. Apart from the already mentioned activities, their positive effects on human cells include purgative, choleretic, antihepatotoxic and antimutagenic activities.

Iridoids vs. Flavonoids and Carotenoids

It is true that a number of medicinal plants and superfoods contain bioactive substances, mainly bio-flavonoids and carotenoids. However, during the process of juice production the flavonoids and carotenoids break down and deteriorate rapidly. They are simply not stable enough so as to withstand the heat exposure during pasteurization, nor they are resistant to oxidation. That is why the best way to take advantage of the superfoods' health benefits is to consume them fresh. The same holds true also if one wants to make full use of the nutrients in the ordinary fruits and vegetables.

While preparing homemade fresh fruit and vegetable juices enables enjoying the full benefits of the plant's nutritional compounds, this option is usually out of question when it comes to superfoods and medicinal plants from the exotic parts of the world. With the pasteurized juices, the full range of health benefits is simply not available, unless the plant contains some very stable bioactive compounds, like the iridoids.  

How Stable are the Iridoids?

The iridoids present in Noni juice are surprisingly stable. Even when exposed to heat, oxygen, light, moisture and other environmental conditions, they retain their chemical composition and are capable of surviving the processing chain and remain intact for the shelf life of the end product. This explains why the active substances in Noni juice are so potent when introduced into the body. In fact, research shows that the iridoids in the Noni-based drinks preserve 100 percent of their potency up to 7 years after the process of pasteurization.

The stability, however, is only one aspect of their usefulness. The stability is being followed by their amazing biological availability, which means that these compact and powerful chemicals are able to pass all the barriers and quickly reach the individual cells of the body. The iridoids are easily soluble in the blood and by means of blood circulation they can be transported to every organ and organ group of the body.

Personal Experience With Noni

The iridoids in Noni juice are a relatively new discovery. Regardless of that, Noni juice has been available for a number of years now, and the health impact of this wondrous plant has been very well known to the author of this article from his 3-year long first hand experience of drinking Tahitian Noni Juice. No other super fruit comes close to Noni when it comes to the bioactivity and potential for health improvement. We know now that the iridoids are responsible for Noni's ability to eliminate the harmful free radicals, to increase energy and contribute to the health of the cardiovascular and immune systems. There is no better way to fortify the immune system and improve the general health than using this natural, fully organic and scientifically proven product.  

Updated: 02/10/2012, Noni
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