Monster University Party Supplies

by Tehreem

Be prepared, there are monsters in your closet and under your bed!

I still remember how excited I was when Disney PIXAR’s animated movie Monsters Inc. was released. And now, 11 years after the amazing scare affair was launched, PIXAR has released a prequel to it. Monster University highlights the life of the prominent monsters Mike and Sully, when they were at school, long before joining Monsters Inc.
Being the first ever prequel, Monsters University has brought along a lot of praise and appreciation for PIXAR, which is exactly the reason why I thought of discussing some great ideas for hosting a Monster university themed party. Here you will find all the necessary information about party supplies and favors for a perfect “Party never looked this scary” feeling.

Monster University Party Invitations

For a Monster university themed party, you will need some creative and not-so-scary invitation cards to attract your little guests. You can save your time and effort by ordering pre-made invitations at a local shop or an online store but the best thing will be to create your party invitations with your kid at home. To start off, use some green construction paper to cut out circular invites looking like the monster Mike. Draw an eye on the front and use a black marker to doodle around for a complete monster look. Write your party details on the back and your Mike invitation cards are ready to be sent out.
For a more detailed invitation, take a rubber tennis ball and paint it in a darker shade of green. Cut an eye out of paper and stick it on one side of the ball. Write the party details on a small piece of paper. Cut a small slit on top of the ball and insert the paper containing your party details. Mike is ready to deliver your Monster University party invitations to your guests!
You can use printable Monster University student ID cards as party invites too. Just download them from the internet, put your child’s name and picture on it, enter the party details and you’ll be good to go. Featured below are some ready made Monster University party invitations available at Amazon.

Monster Universityi Party Supplies & Tableware

To make your guests experience the ultimate Monster University party, you need to make sure that the party supplies and favors go well along with your theme. You will need some creative ideas to turn your party area into a Monster University classroom.
Browse the internet for some giant sized Mike and Sully portraits and get them printed. Stick them separately on wooden sticks or sturdy cardboard pieces to make them stand on their own. Place one at the entrance and others in the party room. You can also place a big “Welcome to Monster University” sign on the entrance. Place monster masks, puzzles and toys on the party table for the guests to enjoy. To create a dramatic look, dim the lights of the party room and place glow-in-the-dark monster feet or faces on the walls and floor. Playing the soundtrack of the movie will complete the Monster University feeling of your party.
For more themed party supplies, decor and tableware, check out the featured party packs available at Amazon that cost less but give more!

Monster University Cake Supplies

Amaze your kids with a Monster cake placed right in the center of the table, surrounded by small google eye shaped cupcakes. Your themed party will remain incomplete without a themed cake. You can order the cake at a bakery to save time and effort but a homemade cake will be equally appealing and will add lots of sentimental value to the party too.
For your Monsters university theme cake, bake a round cake sponge. Use buttercream or any other frosting that your kid loves, and mix it with green edible food coloring. Cover your cake sponge with the frosting and even it out so that no part remains uncovered. Put your cake in the fridge for the frosting to set. Once it is smooth and firm, use a white frosting to create a large eyeball right in the middle of the cake. Put brown chocolate chips in a circle smaller than the white circle to complete the eye. Your Mike Swarovski cake is ready to be served!
You can also make a two-tiered Monster University cake. Make the bottom tier look like Sully’s fur using blue and purple buttercream frosting with a frosting tip or prick small holes in a piping bag for the same effect. Decorate the top tier with green frosting and create a big eye right in the center to make it look like Mike.
Check out these amazing edible cake toppers and decoration sets available at Amazon, which will turn your simple cakes into scary treats at once!

Monster University Cupcake Supplies

To complement your monster cake, bake themed cupcakes and arrange them around the cake or place them on a cupcake stand to decorate your party table. The choice is yours again, order them at a bakery or bake them at home. I always prefer doing things at home because they add a charm to the party and also make the party kid feel special.
Decorate half of your cupcakes with green frosting and the remaining half with blue. Use fondant to create eyes and teeth on the green base for a Mike cupcake, and purple fondant to create spots on the blue one for a Sully cupcake. If you want your cupcakes to be simple, trace out the “M” from the Monster University logo onto your cupcakes with blue and white frosting. You can also decorate your Monster University cupcakes with edible image toppers and cupcake rings featured below.

Monster University Party Favors

Your guests might have the best time of their lives at your Monster University themed party, but, they need something to remind them of the party even after it is over. Party favors, if chosen intelligently, work well in this case.
For a customized party favor, take an Oreo cookie and cover it with green frosting. Use white icing and chocolate chips to make an eyeball. Glue a lollipop stick at the bottom and your homemade Mikepops are ready to be given away!
Try choosing favors that turn out to be useful for the kids. Print some Monster University activity sheets to put in the loot bags. Bubble bottles in themed wrappers will also bring joy to your guests even after the party. You can also check out these party favor packs at Amazon which include some great party treats for your guests.

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Mira on 10/19/2014

These Monsters movies are so cute :). Pinning these.

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