More Tips for Writing Professional Articles, Especially when Writing for Pay

by pennywrites

Here are a few simple tips for writing quality articles especially when writing for pay. These are things every writer should already know but may overlook.

Tips to Remember when Writing Quality Articles for Buyers

We have talked about checking for those simple spelling and grammar mistakes. This is so very Article Writing 101 yet it seems greatly overlooked by many otherwise professional writers.

Here are a couple quick tips:

  • Use your spell-check

The spell check is there for your convenience and help.  However, you really need to read through your work and then read it again. Look for the little errors that Word does not find. For instance, using the word you instead of your. This is most likely just a typing error but really changes how your sentence will read.

  • Proofing

When proofing your work try reading it out loud. This may be a big help for you. I personally do better reading it silently but whatever works best for you is your best tool.· When you are a beginning online writer you may need to print your article out so you can read it in hard copy. It took me a long time before I could spot errors just by reading the content on the computer screen.

  • Leave it Alone

If you have the luxury of leaving your completed work sit for a day or so it will help a lot when you do your final proof.  Even a couple hours is a help.  This gives you a fresh eye for catching mistakes.

  • Word Count 

When proofing check to be sure your word count is what your buyer wants. If it falls short add a quick summary or conclusion. If it is too long check your copy for places to delete unnecessary words. If it is way too long then divide it into two smaller articles.

  • Sentence Flow

Make sure your sentences flow together as one cohesive train of thought. It is usually best to write in a conversational tone. If you were having a conversation with someone and had three or four points you wanted to express you would most likely share them as a natural flow of thought. You would not say, “I bought ice cream today. I went to the grocery store to buy ice cream. I used my new car to go to the grocery store.” This is not a conversation that flows. You would probably have said, “Today I used my new car to go to the grocery store to buy some ice cream.”  Presenting facts in your article in a natural progression of ideas makes your copy more interesting and easier to understand.

  • Sentence Readability

Keep your sentence structure simple and to the point! When your sentences get too long and complicated you lose the reader or they lose the gist of the thoughts you present. Either way it is bad news for your credibility as a professional writer. A run-on sentence becomes hard to read because of its length.

What do I mean by run-on sentences? As an example I might have written; “A sentence that is considered run-on is one that is much longer than necessary to convey one simple concept but instead continues on and on which is one great way to lose the interest of your reader.” My sentence here would have been easier to understand if I had written, “Each sentence should convey just one simple concept.”  Let one complete idea be represented in a single sentence.  Break up long sentences into smaller, more concise concepts.

The ideas presented here are just a few simple tips for writing quality articles. I will be sharing more in the next article. Please stay tuned!  If you would like more information like this or links to finding writing job immediately please take a minute to visit my new website at:

Updated: 12/14/2011, pennywrites
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