Writers Write and Many Write for Pay -- You Can Too

by pennywrites

. How do you get to the point where your articles are quality, well written content? Practice, practice, practice! Here are tips for writing professionally.

How to Improve your Writing Skills

It is one thing to write but it is quite another to write professionally. To write professional articles it only takes three ingredients; know your topic or do your research, pay attention to the details and use proper grammar and spelling. This means you will have content that flows, is filled with quality facts and is well written. How do you  get to the point where your articles are quality, well written content? Practice, practice, practice! A writer writes and writes often and most importantly loves writing. If you do not love what you are doing it will show in your content.

Ways to Create Quality Articles

  • Know your topic!

You can write from your own personal experience or you can research your topic. Which ever you do it is important to know what you are talking about. If you are not clear about your subject then no one else will be either. As a paid writer you will find that many of your jobs will be to write about topics you know little to nothing about. That is part of the fun of writing as a career. By the time you research a topic well enough to write quality content you will have educated yourself.  You will not only get paid for your efforts but you will have gained knowledge.  That is a win-win if ever I saw one.

  • Pay attention to the details!

Every buyer is a little different and will have their own requirements for their project. It is therefore very important to be sure you fully understand their guidelines for your content and that you stick closely to what they desire. If you do not, you most likely will not get paid. Writing for pay means you much satisfy your buyer! Before you even place your bid you should be sure you fully understand all of the requirements for both how the content should be written, in what voice, the length required and the time frame you will have to complete your work.

One really big NO-NO in writing for a buyer is missing a deadline. Be realistic about how long it will take you to complete the project. Always allow yourself a little wiggle room just in case. Life happens but in the world of the freelance writer this is not an excuse for missing your deadline. Illness is not an excuse unless you land in the hospital for a spell which hopefully will not happen to you.

Unfortunately it did happen to me recently. I was in the ICU for days but as soon as I could get to a computer I let my buyers know what had happened. I was in the middle of an ebook for one buyer and am writing a second book for another. They were both very understanding and supportive but that was because I had worked with both of them before and built a good rapport. I never, ever miss a deadline! This is how you build credibility as a writer. I get jobs from referrals now and they are really good jobs too. This is because I have written continuously for the last four years and built a reputation. A writer, writes!

  • Proof your finished copy and then proof it again!

Never submit your content until you have checked and rechecked for spelling and grammar errors.
This is the difference between an amateur piece and professional copy. When I first started writing I did not have Microsoft Word and I had trouble finding errors by reading my copy on the computer screen. I would have to print it out to see it in hard copy form to catch any mistakes. Then I invested in the latest Word program and it opened a whole new world. It was the best $100 I ever spent! Use your spell and grammar check. This will not find every mistake but it will definitely help. Use the Thesaurus if you are not sure you have used the correct word to convey your meaning. Word has lots of tools, use them.

If you would like more information like this please visit my new website at: http://www.waystomakemoneyonline.cc/writingforpay.htm

Updated: 12/11/2011, pennywrites
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Pennywrites on 12/14/2011

Thanks so much for commenting. I write articles and post in here but am never sure they are helpful or of interest to others. I guess I will keep posting. ;)

dak on 12/14/2011

Things we all need to know, great tips

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