Simple Work at Home Ideas for the New Freelance Writer

by pennywrites

Working from home as a freelance writer can be a real joy but it is also a real job. Even though you are working at home you need to remember you are a paid writer and need to...

Keep it Professional

Work ethics:

Working from home has many perks to be sure but that does not mean you should not treat your time working as if you were traveling to an actual 9-5 J-O-B.  Writing as a freelancer is real work and your day spent writing needs to be handled with the same work ethic you would employ if you were in an office with other workers or with a boss overlooking.  Most jobs that you get as a freelance writer come with deadlines.  Meeting your deadlines is extremely important.  If you meet your deadlines consistently you will build a very strong reputation.  The  better your reputation as a writer the better the jobs you will be able to land.

  1. Get dressed:  Even though you could work in your pajamas, it is better psychologically if you take the time to dress as if you were going into an office.  There is something about being nicely dressed that gets you in the mood to create professional work.  You will take your day more seriously than if you worked in pj's. 
  2. Set a schedule:  Set a timer if you must but whatever it takes you should plan for a full workday.  If you were working from an external office you would have a full workday schedule.  It should be the same at home.  This way you will have a full and steady income from your writing efforts.
  3. Take breaks:  If you were at an external office you would have regular breaks.  Sitting at a computer and staring at a screen all day is hard on your body, your joints and especially your eyes.  Take a break every hour or two to stretch, clear your mind  and whatever else will refresh you. 
  4. Take a full lunch hour:  Take time to have a real lunch and take a walk after eating.  This will energize you for the rest of your workday.  Eat healthy meals to keep your blood sugar levels even.  Eating junk food or fast food will only cause a sugar spike and this will make you want to take a nap instead of being energized for the rest of your day.
  5. Drink water:  No matter what you are doing it is important to keep drinking water to stay hydrated.  Dehydration can be a real health issue and cause many problems when it comes to the clear thinking that you need while writing.  Writers need a clear and keen mind to produce quality work.
  6. Get enough rest at night:  No matter how good your intentions during your workday a lack of quality sleep will make your mind foggy and your ambition will be compromised.  Everyone should get at a full night's sleep which is eight hours. 
  7. Keep your workspace organized and clean:  If your workspace is messy and cluttered this is an indication that your mind is cluttered.  Clear your workspace and make a place for everything so that you can keep things in their place.  This will make you feel more professional and productive.
  8. Plan your workday:  Before you start your day of writing be sure you have a game plan for the day.  If you know what you need to or want to accomplish it will give you a goal to work toward.  Set  your own small deadlines in order to meet your all important deadline.
  9. Set a time limit for answering emails and phone calls:  Answering emails and taking phone calls is important for sure but it can quickly eat into what could otherwise be a very productive workday.  Allow 15 minutes for dealing with emails and limit your phone calls to a specific time period during the day or keep them at a 5 minutes. 
  10. Minimize your interruptions:  Interruptions while your are writing will seriously disrupt your writing flow.  Once you are inspired it is best to continue with your train of thought.  Stopping for phone calls can make it very difficult to start writing with the same fluidity you first experienced.  If you have children at home it may be best to hire daytime help who can keep watch over them.  Only allow vists with them when you are taking your work-breaks.  Have lunch with them and take them for a short walk afterward before returning to your writing.

These are a few very simple or basic ideas for working at home and keeping your writing both productive and professional.  For more information please visit my new website, Ways to Make Money Online. 



Updated: 02/20/2015, pennywrites
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pennywrites on 12/05/2011

Thanks ohcaroline,
It is surprising how many writers overlook the basics. Thanks so much for commenting. Merry Christmas

ohcaroline on 12/05/2011

Great guidelines to go by. We all need to be reminded of them.

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