Things You Could Write About to Make Money Online

by Mike

A few ideas for evergreen content you could create to make money writing online.

The Long Term Approach to Writing for Money

Otherwise know as evergreen content

If you want to make money writing online, say the fabled experts, you need evergreen content. Stuff that remains popular over a long period of time so you get many, many visitors. Because online, vistors (or traffic) generally mean money.

So what do you write about that is evergreen?

Well one of the things that has struck me is any of the 'classic' areas of life. Such as:

  • classic movies
  • classic cars
  • classic music
  • classic literature
  • classic comedy

I figure if something has being popular for fifty years or more then there is every chance it is going to remain popular for long enough to see me out.

So let's take a look at each area for better ideas.

I Love All Those Old Black and White Sherlock Holmes Movies

Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce were great
Best Sherlock Holmes Adventure

Classic Movie Writing Ideas

You don't have to be Oliver Stone to make money from the movies

If you're a movie fan then how about a series of articles, all of which can be interlinked to strengthen them in the search engines, about:

  • black and white movies
  • Sherlock Holmes movies
  • Oliver Stone movies
  • the 10 worst movies ever made
  • the 10 best movies ever made
  • the 10 funniest movies ever made
  • Bogart and Bacall movies
  • movies that will make you cry
  • movies to inspire you
  • the best of Walt Disney

That gives you 10 basic categories, but many of those could be extended by writing a more indepth article on things like Walt Disney. So not just one piece listing your favourite Disney movies but a separate piece on each of those movies, plus a piece on Walt Disney himself, Walt Disney (the company) today, games based on Walt Disney movies, toys based on Walt Disney Characters, the list goes on.

You should easily be able to top one hundred pieces just from this short list alone with a bit of Googling around.

Reminds me of American Graffiti

No yellow coupes, though
Rosie's Diner

Classic Car Writing Ideas

There is plenty of mileage in this one (sorry, couldn't resist it)

If you like classic cars then how about a whole bunch of articles on them?

Stuff like:

  • the 10 fastest Fords ever
  • the 10 most beautiful cars ever made
  • the 10 ugliests cars ever made
  • the 10 most expensive cars
  • buying a classic a car
  • restoring a classic car
  • classic cars in the movies
  • cars of the movies stars
  • cars of the 1950s (etc)
  • classic muscle cars

Give that a lot of your customers are likely to be America, keeping an American focus on the cars you write about may help. Again, many of these ideas could be broken down into sub-articles to give you even more pieces, visitors and sales. Especially the cars by decade idea. You carry that over into marques by decade as well.

Ah, The Man Himself, Uncle Bob

You should always be yourself
Bob Dylan

Classic Music Ideas for Writers

You can put classic music and classical music together for this one

So you're a music lover. Great, how many albums do you own? Who is your favourite singer and/or band? Your favourite gig? There is a lot of potential with something as popular as music, like:

  • top selling albums of all time
  • top selling singles of all time
  • the greatest rock band ever
  • rock and roll of the 1950s
  • rock and roll of the 1960s
  • one hit wonders
  • where are they now/whatever happened to?
  • country greats
  • music from the movies
  • greatest classical composers

By the time you start breaking some of these down, and not only listing your ten favourite rock bands but doing a separate piece on each of those bands, you can get loads of articles out of this idea. Again, you can probably break a lot of these ideas down into decades, country hits of the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and so on.

Robbie the Robot

The ultimate movie star (I've no idea who the woman is)
Forbidden Planet

Classic Literature Ideas for Writers

If you can't write great stuff, then write about it

How many millions of books must have been published over the years? (Heck, you could do one piece on that topic alone!) Or for other ideas, how about:

  • Sherlock Holmes stories
  • Arthur Conan Doyle's non Sherlock Holmes writing
  • hard boiled literature
  • great comedy writers
  • books by Janet Evanovich
  • books by Agatha Christie
  • 10 great sci-fi writers
  • the best horror novels of all time
  • books women wil love
  • books men will love

Actually I could have come up with more ideas in this catergory than any other. But then I like books. I should point out that single book reviews tend not to do so well, as you are only trying to sell the one book. Writing about an authors body of work opens up the potential for selling across the whole range of their books. As does writing about a specific genre of literature.

Classic Comedy Ideas for Writers

No, I'm not trying to be funny, honest

Almost everybody loves comedy, even grumpy old me. Hey, I'm a George Carlin fan (someone had to be). So what can you write about comedy? How about:

  • the best stand up comedians
  • classic funny movies that weren't meant to be funny
  • the 10 funniest books ever written
  • the 10 best clean jokes around
  • humour about husbands
  • humour about wives
  • comedians that were never politically correct
  • the funniest radio shows ever
  • the funniest TV shows ever
  • the funniest movies ever

Those last three catergorise have great potential. Especaily if like me you are a fan of old time radio shows. You could break a lot of those down into 'decade based' pieces as well. Shows from the 1940s, 1950s etc. Just think of some of the classic shows by Bob Hope, Abbott and Costello, Phil Harris and Alice Faye, the list is nearly endless. How could I forget to mention the Marx Brothers in there.

It's time for you to stop reading and hit your keyboard. I want to see a hundred new pieces up on your account this month. Go.

You Can Use This to Avoid Writers' Block

Boomark it and if you're stuck for an idea come and have a read

If you find yourself wondering what to write about on a regualr basis just add this piece to your bookmarks, and when you're wondering what to do next give it read to see if shakes up any ideas for you.

Good luck.

Updated: 06/10/2011, Mike
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Sam on 06/05/2012

Great ideas, now you just have to write these articles, eh, Wizzlies ;-) SY

TerriRexson on 07/11/2011

Great ideas. I have no clue what's going on in popular culture so evergreen and classic is a much better option for me.

Michey on 06/29/2011

I agree that evergreen content is great. My problem - I write a lot of technical posts.... so everything is changing so rapidly on Internet that non of them will resist 50 years... LOL
Thanks for great suggestions.

sheilamarie on 06/28/2011

Good ideas to stir the writing juices.

lou16 on 06/11/2011

Some excellent ideas here - a great article for people with writer's block to refer to.

lakeerieartists on 06/10/2011

Great list, Mike! I will have to think about some of these things. :)

SimeyC on 06/10/2011

Evergreen articles are great - the old classics are hard to get an audience for as there are so many websites out there, but if you can come up with a niche evergreen article then you can do very well!

bev-owens on 06/10/2011

Excellent ideas for what to write about to make money online. Thanks Mike!

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