Lou’s Zazzle Journey

by lou16

It is possible to earn money from your photographs – ask me how and I’ll answer you in one word – Zazzle!

If you want to earn money online then Zazzle is definitely worth considering if you like art or photography.

You don't have to be a photographer or artist to make money on Zazzle however, you can earn money by showcasing other artists work and earning a commission.

Join me as I take you for a trip along my Zazzle journey.....

Lou16 on Zazzle

Earning Money Online

Well my earning money online journey has mainly been through the written word until I was introduced to Zazzle.   It seemed like I could make money from photographs – woot!    I love taking photos, although I didn’t consider myself a professional photographer, but maybe……..

So my Zazzle journey was to begin.   I am earning regular amounts of money through Zazzle now, something that I really didn’t think would happen when I started my Zazzle journey.   I can actually call myself a professional photographer now as people have brought my photographs, but…….I don’t.

Zazzle is full of amazing photographers and artists that I am in total awe of the sheer amount of talent I’ve come across on the site.   This could be part of the reason why I make more by referring other people’s products than by selling my own.

Do You Zazzle?

If you want to know how to earn money on Zazzle then check out the article I wrote about it –

How To Make Money on Zazzle
There are a couple of ways in which you can earn money on Zazzle, let me take you through them both.

My Zazzle History

The first product that I sold on Zazzle was actually a tie that was featured on one of my Squidoo lenses.   Unfortunately the product is no longer available on Zazzle so I can't show you what it looked like :(

This was not one of my own products, but a referral.   A month later and I managed to sell my first product – it was so exciting.

This was a picture of a white pony that I took when we were out for a Sunday drive.   I popped one on a blank card and then decided to do a Happy Birthday card as well………it was just as well.   The squeals of excitement that came out of me when I got my first ‘your product has been purchased’ email from Zazzle caused the dogs to get very excited!

Hubby and daughter couldn’t believe how excited I was because I had basically just earned 24 cents.   Knowing that it was all my own creation, however made me feel like I had just brought a lucky lotto ticket and won a million dollars.   Part of this is because I’ve always been the writer of the family whereas my brother’s been the artist ever since we were children, I’m sure this is why selling my own products on Zazzle is so much more satisfying to me.

Earning A Zazzle Income

Part of My Online Income

My Zazzle journey has seemed like a long one, but once I reached my first payout (in 2010) everything started to look up.   The following month I didn’t make a payout, but every month since I have.

To be honest I still really don’t feel like I know what I’m doing, but I’m doing something right.   Am I earning an income from Zazzle?   Well I am getting paid, but it’s not really enough to feed the family, however it’s a very welcome part of my online income that I’m confident will continue to increase.

My biggest number of items sold in a single transaction (of my own product that is) was when someone brought 100 of these postcards from me –

This postcard was based on a family holiday snap I took that I simply ran through a very out dated version of Picture It on my old computer and posted.

My biggest selling item used to be a fun t-shirt that I designed which is now tied for second place with a koala birthday card.   The biggest selling item in my store is now my black crow iphone case, which just goes to show you can never predict what people will buy.

I took the picture of the crow in a car park of all things and the buff colored background is actually sail cloth that is put up to offer some shade to the cars.   I very nearly deleted the photo, but once I decided to upload it I’ve placed it on a lot of different items.   As well as the iphone cases I’ve also sold a couple of blank cards with this image.

I’m very close to qualifying as a bronze level proseller and I hope to make it before they reinstate the program at Zazzle.   I believe that Zazzle will become an even bigger part of my online income in the months and years to come especially now that I’ve started a Zazzle blog to help to promote some of my own products as well as other peoples.

I'm A Bronze Proseller!

I didn't become a Bronze Proseller when I was expecting to as only dot com earnings count and I make a number of international sales which was a little disheartening.   I am a Bronze Proseller now, however and working towards the Silver level.............this one may take a little time!

Referrals Add To My Zazzle Earnings

If you checked out my 'How to Make Money on Zazzle' article above then you'll know that a lot of my Zazzle income is made up from referrals and I've actually written an article about how you can earn money through Zazzle's affiliate program below -

How to Earn Money Through Zazzle's Affiliate Program


Updated: 11/10/2012, lou16
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Mira on 06/04/2014

Hi Lou, like you, when I sell one of my own designs on Zazzle I get very, very excited :-). I finally figured out how to develop my Zazzle store and make sales, so this is an exciting (that word again) time for me. I hope to have more time for it again soon.

treasuresabound on 02/02/2013

I love your zazzle articles. When I was looking for how to add zazzle products to a squidoo page, one of your articles showed me how. Thanks for all your help and so glad your zazzle store is doing so well.

lou16 on 09/19/2012

Glad you found that article, it's actually really simple to add them to Wizzley and I've also seen sales from here too which is great.

Mira on 09/19/2012

Oh wait, I just saw your other article, How to Make Money on Zazzle, and found my answer there :-). Thanks so much!

Mira on 09/19/2012

Hi Lou, I signed up with them last night, and have since posted 22 products! Ragtimelil was right, it's pretty addictive. Hope to make some money with them . . . It's a really nice place. I still don't know how to show their products on a Wizzley page though.

Ragtimelil on 09/16/2012

I'm just getting started. I just don't know what direction to take. So much to do and so little time!

inspirationzstore on 06/08/2012

It was great reading about your zazzle journey! I'm hoping to make bronze seller soon too! :)

sandyspider on 11/17/2011

I love Zazzle. It is another addiction of mine. You have had a wonderful journey.

selecteddee on 08/26/2011

I, like so many others that I have read about, signed up for Zazzle a long time ago and then promptly did nothing with it! When I first began online I signed up for anything and everything that was recommended, not really kno0wing what I was signing up for. Now I am going back and deciding which sites are worth continuing with. Zazzle is a definite YES! I have begun a store and have a few items in it, but just like Squidoo, it is a huge learning curve for me and I am barely at the beginning....lol. Hopefully Zazzle will become a good income stream to run alongside my earnings at Squidoo and several other places. Hope you become amazingly successful with Zazzle. (PS: the pony picture is gorgeous!).

dustytoes on 08/07/2011

Hi Lou, I enjoyed reading about your Zazzle journey and I can relate to what you've said. When I sell something with my artwork on it I get very excited - especially if it's a new design. There is just something about someone liking what I've made!! (as you've said). I also sell things that I had considered deleting - so you never do know. Unless I truly hate it - I leave it up for sale! I wish you many more sales.

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