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by blackspanielgallery

Zazzle has many unique Christmas products, and many have uses you might not have considered. See what you can do by pointing out uses for decorative pieces.

Zazzle Christmas products, or products for other occasions, can serve the obvious purpose, but other purposes are also possible. Whenever you realize there is another use, point it out. In a previous article I mentioned selling cutting boards also serving as serving trays. And even Zazzle now advertises some heat resistant coasters as useful for trivets.

Sometimes, an occasion might bring forth a different use.

When designing a product think about how other uses will impact the visibility of the image, and design with that in mind. We will get to that shortly.

Do not limit your sales possibilities. Even if a use is obvious, point it out in the tags and description.

Paddle Cutting Boards

Zazzle has some cutting boards shaped like paddles.  They have a hole in the handle so they can be hung up easily.  But using the long, narrow cutting board as a bread serving piece, or a cheese tray, adds new possibilities.


While many prefer pulling a piece of bread by hand to break it, the new norm is not to touch food to be consumed by others.  Cutting bread is now the preferred way of handling it.  Protection of the table is important, even from a bread knife.


The use of a cutting board to serve cheese, whether it is blocks of cheese or cheese balls, also works well with long, narrow boards. 


Advertise your paddle shaped cutting boards for these purposes.


When making paddle shapes cutting boards, think about where the image will be best placed to remain visible.  That would be the neck of the paddle.  A design under the bread or cheese is wasted.  So, place the design where it can be seen before the food on the cutting board is completely consumed.

Paddle Cutting Boards

Bread and Cheese Serving Pieces

Circular Glass Cutting Board

Serve Cakes and Pies

The Circular Cutting Boards come with a 12-inch diameter.  This is just right to also use as a serving piece, especially for a cake or a pie.  The cake or pie can be cut without causing damage, since the serving tray is really a cutting board.


Circular cutting boards might be created with your rectangular cutting boards, but is there a need to make a change?  The image on a circular cutting board should be oriented towards the center, and best seen near the edge, which is why I prefer multiple small images.  Zazzle allows images to be rotated.  In the circular glass cutting boards below the image was cloned and rotated.  Zazzle allows rotations in multiples of 45 degrees. 

Related Article

Christmas decorative pieces in the kitchen can add much to the overall decorative scheme.

Final Note

Many Zazzle products have multiple uses.  Favor bags can become cookie bags, and many things can become stocking stuffers.  Will your potential customers think of these alternative purposes unless you point them out?


This article contains links to affiliate programs and Adsense advertising.  These must use cookies to allow for proper crediting. As a Viglink Associate, Zazzle Associate, and Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Most Zazzle images use art from WPClipart, and are in public domain with no limitations on usage.  Only he last image in the first group is not, it is my own image.


Updated: 11/02/2020, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 11/04/2020

I have not been to a food store very much lately, my wife goes. Actually, she bagged candy for Halloween, since leaving a bowl out allows children to touch even wrapped candy, thus spreading the virus.

DerdriuMarriner on 11/04/2020

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for the practicalities and products.
Currently, I have a rectangular cutting board with a hole for convenient hanging from the side of the cupboard where I keep appetizer and cheese-cutting supplies. In particular, I like your circular boards that also moonlight as trays. That rectangular board now will be replaced by, or share space with, a circular board: many thanks for the write-up.
In a somewhat different, somewhat related direction inspired by your mentioning food not touched by a preparer serving for others' consumption, are you seeing employees with gloves in grocery stores and restaurants? Also, have your stores added those see-through doors -- which they always have had here for dairy -- to eggs, meat and produce?

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