Motion Musical Clocks Fascinate

by blackspanielgallery

Motion musical clocks add the beauty of motion to a clock, can reveal hidden beauty, and play tunes while they are in motion.

Some years back I was at Disney World in Florida, and while there I went to Epcot. This is an excellent way to find some hint of far away places, since there are buildings designed as though they would fit in a different country. Many people working in these places are from that country, and there is an attempt at authenticity in the food served. The gift shops focus on the products of the country as well.

It was in the Japan area that we went into a gift shop, and on the wall were about two dozen clocks. What was special about these clocks is that every quarter hour they would make pleasant sounds while their faces would open and go through a well choreographed sequence of movements.

Who Makes Such Clocks?

These “motion” clocks are made both by Seiko and by Rhythm.  They were quite beautiful, and they often also play pleasant music.  In fact, some have a multitude of tunes that can be switched out, so the song need not be always the same.  The clock’s owner has some control if the clock does offer myriad tunes.  In fact, seasonal holiday music can be selected from the list of tunes for many clocks.


Videos Abound

The feature that sets these clocks apart is the fact the faces move, often opening to reveal a beautiful scene not normally visible.  The motion can take some time to complete, so there is ample opportunity to see the inside area of the clock. 


Because the motion is the real beauty of the clock, they often are accompanied by multiple images when shown for sale.  But, even multiple images cannot do justice to the beauty, so many videos are available.  Many of these videos are on YouTube.


Motion Musical Clocks

Different Motions

Some of these clocks have a simple movement where the face separates into two pieces and opens.  Others have a more intricate movement.  The face on the more detailed clocks extends, separates into several sections, then each part of the extended face rotates in a dance. 


During the motion is when the clock plays either chimes or a tune.  There is an illusion that the clock is dancing to the music.


Rhythm Clocks

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Characters That Move

Some of the clocks have characters that are revealed during the times a clock should chime.  These characters then go into motion.  This can add a different dimension to the clock.


The Variety is Great

Viewing only a few videos, or looking at just a few clocks, will not do justice to these marvelous clocks.  One must view a multitude of clocks in order to get a proper appreciation of what is available.


And, there are some clocks that can be set on a mantle or shelf, although many of these clocks are wall clocks.


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Updated: 03/28/2017, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 03/30/2017

Thanks. It was quite impressive to see about two dozen open at the same time. And they were all different.

Veronica on 03/29/2017

Ah they are so pretty. The fact that the have a sound makes them even more appealing. What a lovely gift they would be.

Your write up is very thorough. TY .

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