Motorcycle Ornaments

by Digby_Adams

These Christmas ornaments will make you feel the wind in your hair and the road under your wheels. From Santa on a motorcycle ornaments to Harley ornaments.

Motorcycle ornaments are a wonderful way for motorcycle riders to celebrate their passion for motorcycle riding. From whimsical Betty Boop motorcycle ornaments to realistic biker motorcycle ornaments there's a motorcycle ornament for every Christmas tree. Harley isn't the only brand to be featured on ornaments. You'll find lots of Kawasaki Christmas ornaments as well. The ornaments shown here are from two of the most trusted online stores - Amazon and ebay. If you are looking for antique or vintage motorcycle ornaments, then ebay is definitely your best bet.

Enjoy the gorgeous lines of your gleaming motorcycle with one of these spectacular silver motorcycle Christmas ornaments. Not only will they warm your biker heart, the shiny silver ornament will look fantastic on any color Christmas tree, real or fake. You'll find that almost all of the major designers - such as Hallmark and Adler - create realistic silver ornaments. Most are not sterling silver, but regardless they still add a bright touch to your Xmas decor.

Most of the silver motorcycle ornaments are all silver or have black accents. This makes them a very masculine gift perfect for a father or husband. But you'll also find colorful trims in red or blue. I even found one silver motorcycle ornament that had three large, vibrant-blue Swarovski crystals for embellishments.

Silver Motorcycle Ornaments

Selling on Ebay!

In the esoteric world of motorcycles, new isn't always better. Motorcycle lovers seem to easily morph into the role of collectors. Sometimes motorcycle collecting begins because a biker just can't get rid of their first bike, when they upgrade. Pretty soon the garage is full of old motorcycles. Maybe they get used as parts, but more often they get maintained. Sometimes older bikes will get sold to other bikers, because they want restoration projects.

I've been to lots of motorcycle museums that got their start because a biker's collection just kept growing. If you know a biker that this has happened to, then remember them at Christmas with a vintage motorcycle ornament. If you're that biker then you can use these ornaments on more than just a Christmas tree. Tuck a few into your Xmas door wreath and let everyone know that you're truly a motorcycle enthusiast.

Vintage Motorcycle Ornaments

Great Finds on Ebay

If Santa is an iconic Christmas symbol, then Harley is truly an iconic American brand symbolizing American craftsmanship and independence. We love to go to Rolling Thunder every year to support the MIA cause. To my husband's chagrin we ride in the car from Maine to Washington DC as we go to the Pentagon parking lot to check out the bikes and talk to the veterans. Rolling Thunder is an organizaton of bikers. They travel from all across the United States and meet in the Pentagon parking lot on Memorial Day weekend. Then on Memorial Day they ride down Pennsylvania Avenue, with the intent of spurring the government to find the MIAs. It has also become an advocacy group for many veteran's issues.

It's always very interesting to see how many Harley motorcycle clubs participate and talk to their members. It's clear that there is a very strong attachment between a Harley owner and their Harley motorcycle. You can give them a personalized motorcycle ornament that has the name of their club, or the name of a biker week that they've attended - such as the big one that's held in Laconia, New Hampshire every year. Although I'm sure that they would love one of the Harley Christmas ornaments that are available as well.

If you and your friends love motorcycles and want to support veterans and missing POWs and MIAs, then you'll want to attend Rolling Thunder at some point in your life. It's a very inspirational and patriotic event. You also get to see a lot of fantastic motorcycles and tak to people who know a lot about them. You don't have to own a motorcycle either. You can stand on the roadside and wave an American Flag or a black POW/MIA flag and be every bit a part of the weekend.

You truly do get a sense of how much the motorcycle is part of American culture and connected to our psyche of freedom and independence.

Rolling Thunder Rally

Never forget the MIAs

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Jimmie on 11/14/2011

These are fun. I'm not a fan of motorcycles in real life, but I would like one on my Christmas tree.

TerriRexson on 11/14/2011

I like the Motorcycle Moose, he's fun!

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