Frosty the Snowman Christmas Ornaments

by Digby_Adams

A fabulous selection of Frosty the Snowman ornaments from all of the major ornament designers, including vintage and antique ornaments.

Frosty the Snowman is one of the most beloved Christmas characters. His bright white body is the perfect Christmas decoration for a deep green traditional Christmas tree. Hallmark has designed Frosty the Snowman ornaments for generations. While Christopher Radko is a more recent designer his Christmas ornaments are also incredibly popular. You might also want to consider a vintage Frosty ornament to give your Christmas tree and antique vibe.

Hallmark makes a Frosty the Snowman ornament every year. Many people faithfully collect them and proudly display them on their Christmas tree. But if you sadly missed a year or an ornament was broken, ebay is the perfect place to hunt for a replacement.

For many of us each Christmas ornament represents a memory. Every time that ornament comes out of the box a memory is shared and people remembered. Frosty the Snowman is that memory for my Mom, because when she was just five years old, the Frosty the Snowman Special was the first television show she ever saw in color. Her family only had a black and white television, but a few days before Christmas, Billy and Beulah, two very close family friends, invited her family to their home to watch the Christmas specials. She remembers every detail. From being shocked by the vibrant colors - to loving the music, and warm afghan - and the hot cocoa and cookies that were served. Well that was a long time ago and Billy and Beulah aren't with us any more. But they are remembered with love and kindness on Thanksgiving Day as we all help my Mom and Dad decorate their tree.

Hallmark Frosty the Snowman Ornaments

Christopher Radko has a unique and rich design style. Frosty the Snowman just doesn't stand around in a pile of snow and miss out on life.

Winter sports enthusiasts will delight in the Radko Soar N' Ski ornament where Frosty is all set to soar down a mountain with his ski poles, warm scarf and bright red ski cap.

Shopaholics will revel in the 5th Avenue Frosty the Snowman ornament. A dapper Frosty with a stylish fedora and vest is loaded up with lots of beautifully wrapped presents.

Romantics will love seeing Frosty the Snowman embracing his new wife as the pose on an "Our First Christmas" heart ornament.

Families will love including Frosty, his wife and all the little snowballs when they put this Frosty Family Christmas ornament on their tree.

As you can see there's a Frosty the Snowman ornament for everyone from Christopher Radko selling on ebay today.

Christopher Radko Frosty the Snowman Ornament

If you want your Christmas tree to look like you've been collecting ornaments for decades, the easiest way to do this is with vintage Christmas ornaments. What you don't have time to scour flea markets, thrift shops and antique stores? No problem! All you have to do is take a look at the wonderful selection of vintage Frosty the Snowmen ornaments selling on ebay today. I had so much fun browsing the vintage inventory. It's amazing to see how Frosty has changed over the decades. Many of them are plastic and the visual design elements are much simpler than the details you'll find the Radko ornaments above. However, there are some vintage blown glass ornaments available as well.

If you've never shopped on ebay, don't worry it's easy and secure. Don't forget that ebay is one of the most popular shopping sites in the world. If you want to be extra safe when you shop, then stick with the "Top Rated" sellers. You'll see that info in the seller info. That designation means that that seller has sold lots of product on ebay, while consistently meeting ebay customer service standards.

Vintage Frosty the Snowman Ornament

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