Lighthouse Ornaments, Pillows, Lamps and Sun Catchers to Brighten Your Home

by Digby_Adams

Nautical decor lovers will enjoy adding a lighthouse or two to their home accessories.

Lighthouse collectors are passionate about their hobby. These historic structures and their lighthouse keepers played important roles in maritime history. Many mariners owe their lives to the bravery of the men (and women) who tended the lighthouses. Remember these legendary figures by including lighthouse ornaments on your Christmas tree and scattering other lighthouse home accessories throughout your decor. It goes without saying if you love nautical decor, then you'll just have to have a lighthouse pillow or lighthouse light!

A lighthouse Christmas ornament is the perfect way to start incorporating lighthouse accessories in your home decor. While many of them are just generic lighthouses, some are miniature copies of real lighthouses. The Cape Hatteras lighthouse, located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina is probably the most famous of all lighthouses. You'll find lots of Christmas ornaments and home accessories that incorporate it in their design.

Each lighthouse has a distinctive design and light pattern to help mariners identify it and determine their location. Many collectors do focus on a specific lighthouse or lighthouses in one area.

A lighthouse ornament is a wonderful keepsake to remind you of a wonderful vacation. I know I love visiting lighthouses because of the history and the fantastic views you can get from the top!

Lighthouse Ornaments

*Lighthouse* Ocean [20003] Old World Christmas Glass Ornament...

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Old World Christmas Ornament, Retired, Germany, Lighthouse #2013

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I've always loved having a lighthouse lamp in the window to welcome me home after dark. Somehow I see myself as a weary seafaring traveler returning to the safety of her home. Yes, perhaps a little dramatic for coming home from dinner and a movie with friends. You can choose a lighthouse lamp that is shaped like a lighthouse or a lamp that just has a lighthouse painted on it.

Lighthouse Lamp

Glass Nautical Lighthouse Touch Lamp, by Collections Etc

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Nautical Striped Lighthouse Wooden Table Lamp - Red Or Black

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Nautical Striped Lighthouse Wooden Table Lamp - Red Or Black

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Decorative pillows are a great way to easily and quickly change the look and feel of your home decor. They are also very practical. It seems when I'm reading that I always need a place to balance my e-reader or rest my arm. Of course if you want to sneak a little nap, they come in handy as a head rest.

You might want to focus on a group of lighthouses in your local area to create a local interest theme. My mom actually made a needlepoint sketch of each of the New England lighthouses and then made a pillow for each one. They are arranged on her (rather large) living room sofa. If you aren't as handy or just don't have the time, then I suggest checking out the pillow inventory on ebay.

Lighthouse Pillow

Edgartown Martha's Vineyard Cape Cod Tapestry Lighthouse Boats...

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If you like the idea of putting a lighthouse lamp in the window to welcome your family home at night, then you might also want to consider a solar lighthouse statue for your front yard or garden.

Solar Lighthouse for Your Yard

Solar Powered Lighthouse Garden Decor, 35in.H - Gray

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Lighthouse collectibles and home accessories and are perfect for summer homes and cottages. My family has shared a summer house on Cape Cod for years. Mom has had a lot of fun picking out picking out decorative pillows and throws for all of the little places people love to relax on a summer afternoon. Visit us and you'll be greeted by a lighthouse in the yard! When we were kids and trying to sneak in after curfew, we would sometimes be greeted by a "You're Late!" sign on the lighthouse. Yes, my mom has a way of making a point.

Yes lighthouses and light certainly go together - even in the daylight. A lighthouse sun catcher is a wonderful way to celebrate lighthouses and infuse your room with patterns of colored light. You can hang just one in your window to let people know that you love lighthouses. You'll often find accurate suncatchers depicting some of the more famous lighthouses such as Cape Hatteras.

You can theme your windows so that a window is dedicated to a specific lighthouse or lighthouses from a specific region of the United States. Of course many lighthouse sun catchers are just whimsical representations of what the artist thinks a lighthouse should look like. Often these include sailboats, rocky coastlines and blue ocean waves.

Lighthouse Suncatcher


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sheilamarie on 05/31/2012

Digby, I think lighthouses are romantic and nostalgic, too. I've also written a wizzle about lighthouse gifts. I've just added a link to this page.

Mladen on 05/09/2012

I was always amazed by lighthouses, and they make great ornaments in interior design! Love these home accessories!

katiem2 on 05/08/2012

My sister loves lighthouses and her birthday is the 23 or this month, great lighthouse accessories, thanks

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