Stained Glass Sun Catchers

by Digby_Adams

Give any window instant glamor with a stained glass sun catcher. Here's a beautiful selection featuring butterflies, birds, even lighthouses.

Stained glass sun catchers bring any window to life, adding instant glamor and visual interest. Home accessories, such as a sun catcher, let you easily personalize your living space. It shows visitors who you are and what your interests are. If you love sitting in church and gazing at the inspiring sunlight flowing through stained glass windows, but can't afford one in your home, then a stained glass sun catcher, is a great compromise. Stained glass sun catchers are also perfect gifts. There are so many available in different themes that you'll easily find one for your Mother or favorite aunt.

I live on the rocky coast of Maine that have always been a hazard for ships. The bravery of lighthouse keepers as they helped keep ships and their crews safe is the stuff of legends in this part of the world. As a result many people collect lighthouse memorabilia and pepper their homes with lighthouse accessories. If you love nautical decor and want to include some in your home a lighthouse suncatcher is a great place to start. You'll can choose between a sun catcher with a lighthouse only. You'll also find lighthouse sun catchers that include boats or birds and other coastal items. If you've been thinking about adding some wow to your nautical decor, a lighthouse home accessory is a great place to start!

Lighthouse Suncatcher

I do love stained glass windows and I am slowly incorporating some in our home decor. But that is very expensive and it might just take decades to complete my overall vision. So at this time I have some windows with stained glass panels and I have some plain windows in the same room. To unify them visually I have incorporated glass sun catchers on the plain windows. I just try to coordinate the colors and theme.

I just love butterflies. I have a dedicated butterfly garden in my yard, as well as spreading a few butterfly plants all over my yard. It's so relaxing to watch the butterflies flit from flower to flower! One of my bedrooms overlooks the butterfly garden, so I've put a variety of butterfly suncatchers in the windows. My favorites are shaped like butterflies. The butterfly wing is the perfect inspiration for stained glass. I have to admit that I've put so many butterfly suncatchers on the windows that it looks like I have my own butterfly house. But guests love it. I think when you let your personality and interests lead your decorating, it makes you home a unique statement.

Butterfly Suncatcher

In addition to loving butterflies, I am also an avid birdwatcher. So I'm not above tossing in a few bird suncatchers into the mix. I mean after all, birds and butterflies hang out in nature, so why not on my window panes. You'll also find stained glass suncatchers shaped like birds. When you mix all of these up, it's quite a lot of fun.

Stained Glass Bird Suncatcher

I have lots of friends who are real estate brokers. They keep warning me that I've made my home so personal that I'll have a hard time selling it, if I ever want to. Well, Matt and I plan on being here for the next 70 or so years, so it will probably just get more personal. However, if you think you'll be selling your home, stained glass windows might not be such a great idea. But stained glass sun catchers can easily be removed and brought to your new home.

Updated: 07/27/2014, Digby_Adams
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katiem2 on 05/09/2012

These would make for a delightful Mothers day gift or one for any occasion. Sun catchers are so nice bringing the stained glass feel to any space.

Tolovaj on 05/06/2012

I have just written an article about butterflies (for off line mag) and I am still amazed about them. They certainly look great made of glass. They decorate the place and cheer the soul!

sheilamarie on 05/05/2012

These are very pretty! I have one with a peacock on it.

BrendaReeves on 05/05/2012

You chose a beautiful collection. Wouldn't you know it, my favorites cost $100.

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