Movie Review: Antisocial (2013)

by StevenHelmer

A review of the 2013 zombie movie starring Michelle Mylett and Cody Ray Thompson.

Synopsis: A group of college friends gather together on New Year's Eve with plans to throw a party. However, their plans are interrupted when a mass epidemic causes chaos outside, forcing them to barricade themselves inside the house. Unfortunately, they don't remain safe for long as one-by-one, they begin the experience symptoms of the disease that is causing the world to turn violent.


Despite putting the kids to bed later than usual yesterday, thanks mostly to my daughter's 6th grade chorus concert, my wife and I found time to watch a movie last night while eating a late-night dinner. I wasn't sure how long we would be able to stay away so I pretty much just picked the first film that sounded interesting and this was the movie I chose. Overall, while it wasn't the best zombie apocalypse film I've seen, it was definitely better than I was expecting.

One thing I found I liked about this movie was the mystery behind the disease that was rapidly spreading. OK, to be fair, it wasn't a complete mystery. I kind of figured out the cause before the movie even started giving clues. But, it was definitely something that was somewhat unique, at least when compared to other movies that are in this genre.

And, even after the cause of the epidemic was revealed, there were still plenty of unanswered questions, such as whether or not it was spread by biting (a common theme with most zombie movies but not necessarily this one). There were also some surprises, especially toward the end, I wasn't expecting.

My only real complaint about this film is it does tend to get a bit dull at times, especially after they barricade themselves indoors. Even though there was an ongoing threat as they each began to show symptoms, the actual transformation took an excruciating long time, to the point we were starting to wonder if something was actually going to happen.

I also wish the writers would have cut back on the outside information they were receiving. While I know their access to the internet was something that played a role in the overall plot, I think the movie would have been a little more intense had they not known as much as they did. At minimum, cutting off the news broadcast before it shared any significant information would have been an immediate improvement.


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Final Opinion

As I said, this movie was actually better than I thought it would be and did score some points for originality. Had it been cleaned up a little bit more and, at very least, had a little more action, it would have gotten an "A."

My Grade: B

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