Movie Review: Sing (2016)

by StevenHelmer

A review of the 2016 animated comedy starring Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon.

Synopsis: A down-on-his-luck showman is in danger of losing the theater his dad purchased for him. In an effort to avoid foreclosure, he decides to hold a singing competition and the response to his effort is overwhelmingly positive. There's just one problem, he doesn't have the $100,000 he accidentally advertised as the award.

Who's In It?


I decided to order pizza Friday night and, since it came with a free movie rental, looked for a movie to watch with the family. My youngest daughter had seen this film with her class last fall. However, since none of us had seen it and she wanted to see it again, I ended up picking it out.

From the previews, I wasn't really sure what to expect. The movie looked like it had some funny moments. But, I didn't know if a film about a bunch of animals competing in a singing contest would be as great as promised. As it turns out, it was actually pretty decent.

I think the thing I liked most about this movie was, even though the film was mostly about theater owner Buster Moon (McConaughey) and his efforts to save the theater he had loved as a kid, the writers made sure to give each of the singing contestants their own interesting stories. This included a lonely housewife pig (Witherspoon) and a gorilla (Taron Egerton) who was trying to avoid a life of crime. Those stories made the movie much more entertaining than I thought it would be.

I also have to admit, the song and dance numbers were fun to watch, mostly because the performers used familiar songs and performed them as well as the original artists. I almost didn't mind the fact the movie saved those for the very end.

The one thing that surprised me about this film is it wasn't as predictable as I was expecting it to be. Most movies in this genre fall into the predictable category. This movie, however, had just enough twists and turns to keep me guessing about what was going to happen next and how it was going to end. Based on my experience with this genre, that was definitely something I appreciated.

Final Opinion

I had my doubts, but this was a cute family movie that turned out to be very entertaining. I would recommend it if you haven't seen it.

My Grade: A

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/17/2022

StevenHelmer, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
The library system has this in its DVD collection. So I plan to see it since it's something that I missed from Matthew McConaughey's repertoire.

How would the story go as a non-animated, feature film? And would you happen to have seen McConaughey in The Gentlemen?

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