Movie Review: Snow Devils (1967)

by StevenHelmer

A review of the 1967 science fiction film starring Giacomo Rossi Stuart and Goffredo Unger.

Synopsis: After a weather station is destroyed in the Himalayas in an apparent Yeti attack, Rod Jackson and Frank Pulasky are sent to investigate both that and a mysterious ray that is melting the polar ice caps. While there, they encounter a race of aliens that are working to change the Earth's climate so they can live there.


I came across this film on one of our movie channels yesterday and, somewhat intrigued by the description, decided to take the time to watch it. At first, as I watched the first few minutes of the movie, I thought this would wind up being a mistake. But, overall, I do have to say this film turned out to be better than I expected.

I think the thing that really surprised me about this film was the way the alien plot was actually well thought out. It wasn't a simple invasion, the aliens were on Earth for 100 years and were carrying out an intricate plot that involved flooding the planet then freezing it was more like their home planet. And, since their plan took so long to carry out, they hid their activity by essentially creating the Yeti legend. I'm not sure why, but I actually liked that.

The movie also proved to have quite a bit more action in it than I thought it would, with the heroes being forced to escape an icy mountain fortress and find a way to stop the aliens from wiping out the world's population. And, while the first part of the film did seem to drag on a bit, this did manage to keep things interesting for the majority of the movie.

I think my only real complaint is I'm not sure why the filmmakers had to set this film in the future, complete with a space command and flying cars. This is largely because those things seemed like an overkill, especially since they really didn't play that much of a role.

This could have easily been set in present time with the heroes having to overcome everything without the benefit of futuristic weapons and computers. In fact, I think the film would have managed to be even better if that were the case.

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Final Opinion

I had doubts about this film when I started watching it. But, overall, I did find I enjoyed it. It's worth taking the time to watch on a rainy (or snowy) day.

My Grade: B

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DerdriuMarriner on 07/13/2022

StevenHelmer, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.

This film does not appear among the Blu-ray or DVD collections in the library system here. It's a bit surprising since there are streaming options to the extent that it may be a cult classic among extraterrestrial-themed movie-goers.

In particular, I like your suggestions about present-time settings. How would a prequel (about the 100 years before they were discovered), a reboot, a remake or a sequel fare these days?

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