Movie Review: Superstar (1999)

by StevenHelmer

A review of the 1999 comedy staring Molly Shannon and Will Ferrell.

Synopsis: Movie-obsessed social outcast Mary Katherine Gallagher has only one dream, to kiss Sky Corrigan, the most popular boy at her Catholic high school. Desperate to get him to notice her instead of his current girlfriend, Evian, Mary Katherine decides to audition for the school's talent competition and prove she is a "superstar."


My wife had to work Friday night and, as I always do, I stayed up until she got home. While doing this, I decided to watch a movie and, after looking through a variety of options, decided to watch this film.

According to my wife, her and I watched this movie together several years ago. I, however, could not remember doing that or anything about the movie as a result. After watching it on Friday, my opinion of it was a bit mixed.

I think the thing that really stood out for me when it came to this film were the various characters. The only thing that out-did Mary Katherine's (Shannon) movie obsession was her obsession with kissing a boy, something that resulted in her practicing on just about everything, including the tree in front of her school.

The other characters, ranging from Sky Corrigan (Ferrell) to his girlfriend, Evian (Hendrix) and the tough kid, Slater (Williams) were all a little one-dimensional but worked well as a complement to Shannon's lead character. And, I have to admit, I liked the fact Ferrell's Corrigan really did, at times at least, seem like a much better match for Mary Katherine than for Evian.

I think my biggest problem with this movie is it was kind of predictable. As I said, the characters were all somewhat unique and entertaining as a result. But, the main storyline really wasn't any different than dozens of other romantic comedies I've seen. In fact, the second Slater was introduced (pretty early on), I was able to figure out how the movie was going to end. As a result of this, while I didn't hate the movie, I didn't love it either.

Final Opinion

The movie is OK. And, because of a strong cast, there are some funny moments (I especially love the scenes with Ferrell as Jesus). However, the overall plot isn't anything overly unique and, because of that, the movie isn't anything overly memorable.

My Grade: C

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