Movie Review: The Frozen (2012)

by StevenHelmer

A review of the 2012 thriller starring Britt Morgan and Noah Segan.

Synopsis: Despite virtually no wilderness experience, Mike takes his girlfriend, Emma, to a secluded forest location with the intention of proposing to her while enjoying the scenery. However, when he crashes their rented snowmobile, they, instead, must find a way to survive when they realize they don't know the way back to their truck. In addition to being lost, the young couple discovers they are being stalked by a silent and mysterious hunter.

Who's In It?


I picked this movie last night mostly because we had our first snow storm of the winter earlier this week and, after spending quite a bit of time digging out from it, the movie just seemed like a good choice. After watching it, I thought the film was OK. But, it also wasn't what I was expecting it to be.

This movie is classified as a thriller and, from the description, I figured it was the typical slasher movie, consisting of a young couple trying to escape from someone that was trying to kill them. That, however, turned out not to be the case.

If anything, I would classify this movie as a survival drama with a hint of mystery. The bulk of the story consisted of Mike (Mitchell) and Emma (Morgan) coping with the fact they were hopelessly lost in a snow-covered forest with limited survival skills. In fact, for a while, I thought the film was going to be about them trying to save their quickly-disintegrating relationship, especially since Mike wasn't exactly the brightest bulb and Emma, even before they got lost, was negative to the point I wouldn't have blamed him for leaving her behind (even after she told him she was pregnant).

As for the hunter (Rogan), he honestly doesn't do all that much. He pops up throughout the movie but, other than the fact he seems content to ignore them rather than help, there was never a point when I thought he was dangerous. Heck, even when Mike disappears, I had doubts about the hunter being involved with that. In other words, other than Emma's nightmares, there really isn't anything scary about this movie.

Once the film progressed, it also became kind of predictable. I started out with some suspicions about what was really happening and once the film started throwing in way too many clues, it became obvious the film was going to use the same "unexpected" twist I've seen in dozens of other movies. The only reason I even bothered finishing it was it was too late to start another film.

The Frozen

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Final Opinion

The movie actually starts out OK and the dysfunctional relationship Mike and Emma have does make for some entertaining situations early on. However, the film, as I mentioned, is definitely not one that really fits the thriller/horror classification and the predictable and cliche ending prevents it from reaching its potential.

My Grade: C

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Updated: 12/30/2015, StevenHelmer
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