Movie Review: The Thinning: New World Order (2018)

by StevenHelmer

A review of the 2018 thriller starring Peyton List and Logan Paul.

Synopsis: After a false test score nearly ended in her being executed as part of "the Thinning," Laina joins Governor Redding's staff in an effort to gather information subvert his presidential campaign. Meanwhile, Blake and other students believed to have been executed as part of the Thinning are still alive and are secretly being used as slave labor to manufacture Assuru Global products.


I thoroughly enjoyed The Thinning when I had an opportunity to watch it earlier this week and, when I saw this sequel was available via my YouTube TV subscription, I decided to watch it right away. After finishing it this morning, my opinion of it was mixed.

On one hand, I thought the overall premise was an intriguing one. The idea of a corporation becoming so powerful, it can control a presidential candidate and create a system that generates a potentially endless supply of slave labor isn't that farfetched of a concept.

I also thought the movie had a good mix of action and suspense as well as a nice overwhelming sense of hopelessness attached to the main characters' objectives. This kept things interesting, especially since the bad guys seemed to always be at least one step ahead of them. This did keep me on the edge of my seat at times as a result.

Unfortunately, while the movie had a lot of good things going for it, those things only really work if you don't put a whole lot of thought into it. For example, I'm still not convinced the whole fake execution thing would work in real life because I would find it very hard to believe no parents would ask to see their child's body inside the (empty) coffin.

The movie also did become somewhat predictable at times. There wasn't anything that made it unwatchable, but the film's "surprise" twists would be obvious to anyone who has watched an action thriller before.

I'm also still not a fan of the desperate attempt to mix in a romantic subplot to a movie that really doesn't need one. it's one thing to have Blake (Paul) to take risks to help Ellie (Johnson), a woman he has had a long-time relationship with. It's another thing to make that into a love triangle by also having sparks between him and Laina (List). Either way, it just doesn't add anything of real substance to the plot.

Final Opinion

Overall, I didn't hate the movie. However, I do feel this film expanded the overall plot of the franchise to a point where it is a lot less believable or, at minimum, has a lot of holes. That being said, it's still worth watching if you enjoyed the first film.

My Grade: B-

Updated: 01/05/2021, StevenHelmer
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DerdriuMarriner on 02/21/2022

StevenHelmer, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.
Once again, the library system here doesn't have the Thinning or its sequel listed in its catalogue. In looking at internet sources, I guess it's because it's a web film.

Is there the possibility that the two films will be made available as Blu-ray or DVD?

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