Photo Christmas Cards

by dustytoes

Photo Christmas cards are continuously popular to send at the holidays.

Photo Christmas cards are continuously evolving in design and ease of use. We all welcome any little bit of help to save time and money at the holiday season. Photo cards provided a personal way to say hello to friends and relatives and give them the chance to open some fun mail!

I don't know about you, but getting a photo Christmas card in the mail is especially exciting. Usually it brings gasps of wonder at how much the kids pictured have grown and changed. Of course then you feel like you must reciprocate, and so the "work" begins.

In this hectic day and age, sending Christmas cards can be the chore that is eliminated and that is unfortunate. So lets talk about creating a custom, multi-photo, template card that will simplify your holiday and enable you to keep in touch with special people at the holidays.

Christmas Photo Cards

Photo cards now come in a variety of styles.

When browsing Zazzle for "Christmas Cards", you'll be taken to a page where you'll see the variety of types of cards available for purchase.

Remember too that bulk order discounts will apply.

  1. Shop for traditional folded greeting cards (they come in two sizes).
  2. Traditional photo cards with a glossy finish.  These measure 4x8 inches.
  3. Affordable, postcards.  Save money on cards and postage.
  4. Modern, flat cards with a specialty paper selection.  These can come in eight sizes, and have specialty papers to use.

All cards come with white envelopes (except the postcards).  Some designers offer matching envelopes at extra cost.  (The white ones will still come with your order.) In some cases matching postage, labels and stickers can be purchased.

If you'd like something made, contact the designer.  In most cases they would be happy to help you create a matching set.

Starry Red Sparkling Cards

Traditional folded cards are still very popular.
Single photo, folded greeting card
Single photo, folded greeting card

The Traditional Glossy Photo Cards Are Very Affordable

The glossy photo Christmas cards are used the most to send greetings at holiday time.  They are cheap to buy and easy to create.  The glossy surface is perfect for holding photos.

Add a large, single photo, or choose a card that has more than one picture template, like the samples below.  Many people like to include a picture of the family pet or pets, and the multi-photo cards offer that option.

Once your personal pictures are in place, and the text is changed, the cards are ready to order.  They will arrive at your house ready to mail.  It's an easy, beautiful and affordable way to keep in touch with family and friends.

Fun Snowman Family Photo Cards

Single photo cards
Single photo cards

Blue Christmas Photo Collage

Sparkling gold snowflakes and four photo templates, with a line of text for the greeting and signature.
Turquoise Multi-Photo Cards
Turquoise Multi-Photo Cards

Flat Photo Cards printed on Specialty Invitation Paper

Flat photo cards printed on invitation paper, like the cards shown below, offer a wide variety of specialty paper types.  The corners can also be rounded, or change the shape of the card with edge options.

Make the photos glisten by choosing metallic, or champagne and pearl shimmer paper.    Other options are the linen, artisan kraft and ultra thick.  See the full line of paper upgrades on each product page. 

These cards will come with plain, white envelopes, but some designers have created additional, matching envelopes, stickers and postage.

Blue Christmas

Modern, photo collage cards are flat and will come with white envelopes.

Will you buy any type of photo card greeting this holiday season?

How Does The Photo Template Work?

Designers make the template ready for the customer to fill.

how to do photo templatesFor those who are unaware of how this type of photo template works, I'll give an explanation.  Card designers create photo cards by incorporating an area (or more than one area) on the paper to hold a photo.  Once the design of the card is chosen the sample picture is place in just the right spot and made a 'template', or place holder, for the customer's own picture.

As designers at Zazzle we have the option to let the customers photo either "fit" or "fill" the template.  We can also choose "none".  I most always choose the "fill" option which means the entire photo holder space will be filled.  If the image was to only "fit" the frame, there would probably be white spaces showing.

What this means for the buyer is that their photo will be centered in the template.  Choose "change" (see left) to replace each sample image.

It's always best, as a customer, to use a picture that closely resembles the shape of the template image - your photo will be centered.  Sometimes the outer edges of the picture will be cut off as it is centered in the template area.  In the red card below, which has 5 photo templates, I used size 4x6 templates, however I had to resize them to fit the card nicely.   The tall photo should be replaced by any vertical photo.  Horizontal images would work best for the others.

On the product page you will find all the sample photos that need to be replaced by your personal items.  Just upload each of your favorites into the correct spot.  To start over just refresh the page. 

Folded Greeting Cards With Photo Templates

A more traditional choice, but still able to be personalized, on the front and inside.
Ad Zazzle

Christmas or Hanukkah or Something Else?

Affordable Postcards

Holiday postcards can also have photo templates. Not only are they cheap to buy, but they have a glossy surface which works like a regular photo card.  Photos naturally look great on them!  They don't require an envelope, and postage stamps cost less for postcards.  

This year I am making more Christmas photo postcards because I believe they are a good alternative option to the traditional glossy photo cards.  You may also change the background color on some of the cards, such as the bright blue here, using the "customize" button on the product page.




Magnet Photo Greetings

Zazzle offers flat magnets in two sizes: 3x4 and 4x6 inches.  Often they are purchased by couples to announce their marriage as "save the date" announcements, but they will work for Christmas too.

With one or more photo templates, and all text on the front, they can be slapped onto the fridge to be front and center in the recipient's home.

Although I don't see people buying this type of greeting in bulk, because of the price, the photo magnet card would be perfect for those who send only a few cards or have an announcement to include with their traditional cards.

Another option is for business owners to send magnets to their customers as a combination "thank you" and reminder to use the company again.

The magnets do not come with envelopes, so those must be purchased separately.  Or include the magnets with your cards.

Magnets Come in Two sizes: 3x4 or 4x6

Business Christmas Greetings

Photo Newsletters and Inserts

Personal stories to include with a card.

I am noticing the rise in the custom of writing family newsletters this year.  With the advent of social media I can't imagine that everyone doesn't already know all about our lives, but it's not always so.  Many people still stay private about their lives and then want to share big news at the holidays.  Mailing Christmas cards is still a big tradition with many.  Along with the cards, an insert listing the families big events and accomplishments keeps recipients up to date.

Updated: 11/09/2015, dustytoes
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dustytoes on 12/03/2012

I wish that too 2uesday!

Mira on 11/28/2012

This is great. Why aren't you making more of these yourself? I'm looking for a great one to add to one of my articles :)

katiem2 on 10/24/2012

These are so nice, I just got one the other day as I'm a new second cousin. My cousin and his wife just had the most beautiful baby. They sent the multi photo birth announcement cards out. Got me thinking about the upcoming holiday, need to work on those holiday Christmas and New Years cards now. You're my go to gal for that sort of thing. Thanks :)K

dustytoes on 09/23/2012

Thanks Katie. I think they these types of cards are perfect for big families.

katiem2 on 09/23/2012

I like this idea, what a great way to multi-share, this is always a good thing. :)K

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