Musical, Pictures Books and Coloring Pages of Snowman for Christmas

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Snowman comes in many interesting forms -musical picture books, DVD and stories. Coloring pages could be fun time on Christmas.

It might be that the cute snowman is not as famous as Snow White and the seven dwarfs but is still greatly admired and loved by kids especially when it comes to making a snowman out of snow.

The abominable snowman probably is the most popular mythical and one of the ancient creature that existed since it snowed on the planet earth. Making snowman with the winter snow, reading story books and coloring pages of snowman are some activities that children enjoy immensely especially on Christmas.

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Picture Books of Snowman


Reading story books have known to increase the vocabulary and verbal skills of kids. There are plenty of books on snowman available online from Amazon and eBay stores that you can purchase for Xmas gifts for your own kids and friends too. You can easily take out the prints of the pictures and help in educating the child by facilitating the learning process of identifying colours and how to use them. Through images and clip art transform the figures into bright vivid snowman in action.

Coloring Activity is Fun


There is more to the pictures and paintings; it has fascinated mankind from ancient days. Men have fantasized mythical creatures, imagined dragons, monsters and aliens and have carved them on the caves with tools that were available at that time. Now with the availability of coloring books, coloring sets, crafts and projects there is no end to creativity and imagination.


Coloring activity has always fascinated youngsters and even toddlers have shown keen interest. Playing with colored pencils, crayons, sprinkling water paints, scribbling and painting on the walls are some of the exciting hobbies and past-time of children. If you don’t want your walls to be ruined, you might want to restrict the kids to paper and pencil. 

Coloring Pages of Snowman

Coloring Pages of Snowman
Coloring Pages of Snowman
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What objects to colour?


Since this activity is so exciting why not make it an object full of fun and educational as well. Story books on Snowman and coloring pages will help throw light on how the snowman came into existence and spotted first and what does the legend say about the abominable snowman “Yeti”.


Angels, fairies, cartoons, Disney characters, animals, nature are some of the awesome subjects for Christmas coloring activities. There can be many such objects associated with the festive events like Christmas. First Thanksgiving event, pilgrims pictures, Halloween spooky images and many other forms and figures that can be sketched on the pages. 

Happy Snowman Clip art

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Sketching and Coloring Snowman


Coloring may pave way to hidden hobbies and talent from kids. They might grow to become a painter, photographer or excel in the various fields of Arts and Crafts. Sketching snowman from clip art is easy and simple. Try to make smiles and cartoon figures.

Snowman Coloring Books on eBay

Coloring Books for Christmas


Use the books to engage kids in different activities, crafts and projects. With the picture of snowman, ask the kid to make a snowman out of paper. It will help the kid in visualizing the snowman on page and with the image he/she can actually build a true Snowman in the backyard with the help of snow. Snowman coloring pages and art works sheets will ensure in synchronization of eye and hand, co-ordination of mind and thoughts, recognizing colours and pictures.

Pictures help the children to create their own imaginary world filled of wonderful characters. Visualizing facilitates thoughts and creativity in early stages. Identifying children who have an inclination towards artwork can prove useful in their decisions for future. Their efforts in present can relate to painting, sculpting and other craftsmanship in future. Generally kids who are more inclined towards sketching, drawing and coloring go on to become artists, eventually acquiring knowledge and utilizing it more efficiently and effectively later on.

Snowman is a favorite character among the many famous characters like Mickey Mouse, Jasmine the Princess, Snow White, Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella and many more famous Disney characters. Though this simple character looks ordinary, you can make extra-ordinary things and have more fun activities than you realize.

Musical Books for Snowman

Coloring Books of Snowman


There are plenty of musical books of snowman that narrate an exciting tale showcasing pictures. Kids will enjoy the flow of the story with music. The coloring pages available in form of books help kids to color and keep them safe. This will also help kid to keep organized, instead of throwing the pages after coloring. By using simple coloring pages from the books of Snowman, toddlers can learn to distinguish different colors. Coloring activity teaches them how to demarcate and adhere to the boundary of the picture.


If possible have a coloring contest between kids of same age or even siblings. A healthy rivalry and competition will build up their artistic skills. If they come out with a great painting or masterpiece, frame and preserve those paintings. Children love that they are appreciated and it can serve as a timeless piece of monument and family souvenir.


It will be prudent to have coloring pages that are about subjects the kids are familiar with for the games. Other than snowman you can use figures of animals, plants, flowers, numbers and characters from movies, myths and legends. These are some of the examples they would love to color.

Do you like clip art?

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DerdriuMarriner 14 days ago

Clip art tends to be colorful, focused and versatile even as it makes it possible for possessors and receivers to communicate clearly, economically and succinctly.

ologsinquito on 11/15/2014

These are so cute. Children will really like these.

Anxious SnowMan

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DerdriuMarriner 14 days ago

It's interesting to compare and contrast how drawn, painted, sketched snowmen are so maximally and minimally dressed!

Would there by any surveys anywhere about what clothes and colors predominate with different-aged drawers, painters and sketchers?

And what about snow-women?

VioletteRose on 01/20/2015

Snowman colouring books will be great for kids!

paperfacets on 11/29/2014

Colorful graphics and perfect for keeping busy in the winter months.the months.

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