Musician Figurines Make Great Gifts

by jptanabe

Music lovers and musicians alike can enjoy these incredible musician figurines

If you play a musical instrument you know how special they all are, how delicate and well crafted they have to be, and how precisely you have to hold them and maintain your own posture in order to produce the best music.

Figurines of musicians may not produce real music but they have all the other qualities. Simply looking at them evokes the sounds of wonderful music in our imagination as well as being a delightful visual experience. Here are some wonderful musician figurines that will delight musicians and music lovers alike. And wouldn't they make wonderful gifts - for Christmas, Valentines, or for a birthday, graduation, or other special occasion?

Orchestra Musicians

Musicians make such lovely figurines, don't they? With their beautiful instruments and holding them at the appropriate angle, each piece becomes a visually compelling composition.

This charming set has three musicians. Finished in slate gray they have silver plated accents and dark chestnut brown bases.

Measurements: 18.0" L x 5.0" W x 4.4" D



Every orchestra needs a conductor!

This adorable figurine is shaped like an elegant orchestra conductor.

Measures approximately 7 x 2 inches.




HAUCOZE Figurines


These musician figurines are so cool! Sculpted and cast in polyresin they are hand painted to present the musicians in elegant white with gold trim. There are several different musicians in this collection.

Here is the tall violinist with his beautiful white coat tails standing with his foot keeping time! He is approximately 10 inches in height.


Jazz Band Figurines


These Polystone jazz musicians are really special. They are colorful, and so tall - look at those long legs!

These are definitely unique and artistic. You can just imagine the music these musicians are playing. Really cool, in their own style!

"Nuts & Bolts" Figurines

These fun musicians are really made from nuts and bolts and similar materials. That doesn't sound very cute but the figurines actually capture the essence of each style of musician in a rather insightful fashion. Interestingly, several of these musicians are actually frogs: They really look like they're having fun with their big eyes and their wide smiling mouths!

Saxophone player

Made from parts designed for functionality, this figurine has a style that goes far beyond its materials' humble origins.

An Orchestra!

This 8-piece collection has a lovely variety of musicians, all made from nuts and bolts and other pieces of metal! Each piece is approximately 5 inches tall. And they are all just enjoying playing their music!

Porcelain Figurines

Porcelain figurines are the ultimate in delicate detail. Here are some porcelain musician figurines by two outstanding porcelain companies.

The Lladró company was established by the Lladró brothers, Juan, José and Vicente, in the 1950s in Valencia Spain. With their great success they established Porcelain City and have become world famous for their outstanding porcelain creations.

Porcelain Jazz Trio

Look at this amazing Jazz Trio by Lladró!

They look great from any angle, and such detail in their sharply elegant outfits and their perfectly crafted instruments.

The musicians are leaning against a red and grey cube that really highlights their perfectly white suits.The sax and the trumpet shine with luster and the double bass has strings made of fine wire. 

This is a really special piece!

Little angel playing a lute!

And what about this piece? Isn't this truly gorgeous! This is one of Lladró's beautiful porcelain creations, delicate with soft coloring and a smooth finish.

Can't you just imagine this sweet young angel playing his lute and singing with a heavenly voice?

NAO Figurines

In 1967 the NAO brand was created, taking its name from the old sailing boats of the time of Columbus. The NAO pieces are distinguished by the simplicity of their forms, lighthearted subject matters and colorful presentations. This brand reflects a return to the origins of the Lladró dream of making porcelain figures affordable for lovers of beauty.

Their "Notes on the Wind" glazed porcelain figurine portrays a young girl preparing to play her flute on a lovely spring day. The piece is hand painted in delicate pastel shades and kiln fired for more than twenty hours to achieve a flawless final glaze. 

The Nao "Girl with Violin" perfectly captures the young girl's shy concentration as she stands in front of her audience holding her violin and preparing to play.

Bing & Grondahl Figurines

Bing & Grondahl is a Danish porcelain company founded in 1853 by Frederik Grondahl, who was a figurine maker for the Royal Danish Porcelain Factory, and the Bing brothers, businessmen dealing in art and books. Their dinnerware designs, especially the "Seagull," became extremely popular in Denmark. Merging with the Royal Porcelain Factory in 1987 to become the Royal Copenhagen porcelain company, they have continued to make outstanding porcelain figurines.

The young boy with his flute is a delightful example of their work.

Bing & Grondahl Flute player figurine
Bing & Grondahl Flute player figurine

Animal Musician Figurines!

Yes, I found a whole series of animal musician figurines made in painted porcelain - love them!

There are some classy penguins, in tuxedos with bow ties of course!

We know cats can do anything, so why not play a conga drum!

And a horse playing the mandolin - now that's unlikely!


Nativity Musicians

by Fontanini

The world famous Fontanini figurines originated in Tuscany, Italy, and the Fontanini family have passed their traditions down through the generations for 100 years. Creation of Fontanini figures is a complex process, making them unique and of the highest quality. Now, collectors treasure Fontanini nativities with their reputation for breathtaking detail and highly skilled workmanship. Included in their nativity scenes are several wonderful musician figurines.

Jareth the Drummer Boy


The story of the Little Drummer Boy who played his drum for the baby Jesus since he had no money to buy him a gift, made famous by the carol of that name, is so heartwarming and poignant.

This piece captures the essence of that moment beautifully.

The figurine stands 5 inches tall.

Action Figures of Famous Musicians!

I thought this was hilarious when I first encountered Beethoven as an action figure. 

Seriously though, it's a great way to get young kids interested in classical composers.

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WriterArtist on 03/05/2015

I did not realize the musician figurines could look this artistic. I love anything that has to do with art and aesthetics, and the orchestra figurine looks extremely cool.

jptanabe on 03/04/2015

Yes, the conductor is rather wonderful!

Digby_Adams on 03/04/2015

I love these figurines, especially the conductor. I can feel the music in his posture. He's nice and tall as well. Would look wonderful on a fireplace mantle.

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