My Favourite Funny Blogs

by anitalite

Three corners of the net that never fail to amuse me with their wacky take on life.

The internet is overflowing with blogs, it seems that everybody and their cat are now a blogger. And they are all desperate to be read, spamming your Facebook, Pinterest and email with pleas to come and find the secret to loosing weight/ making lots of money/ cooking the perfect Thanksgiving turkey/ what they had for breakfast.

I know, I have several blogs that tell you how to do all of the above. If you are interested, leave your email in the comments and I will be sure to daily spam your email with my posts.

But, if you've given up following any blogs, you might well be missing out on some true gems. There are some blogs I follow as a reader, rather than an online writer. I read new posts because they are truly original and funny, can bring me out of a bad mood, and restore my faith that the internet is not all about generating tonnes of generic spam in the hope of earning a few cents.

I read them even though I know they will not follow me back, allow me to leave backlinks to my own blogs or help me with SEO in any way. That is how good they are!

The Bloggess

Depressed Texan with Triskaidekaphobia and Cats Buys Grotesque Stuffed Animals on Ebay

I guess The Bloggess is the most well known of the blogs I follow.  After all her book Lets Pretend this Never Happened debuted at #1 on the NYT bestsellers list.

Jenny Lawson used to write a column for the Houston Chronicle, but as she puts it, she needed a space where she could use the F-word, so she started blogging.  

Given that introduction I guess you should not check it out if you object to profanity.  

The blog, headline: Like Mother Theresa but Better, is a true mish-mash of observations on life, weird pictures of her cats, Hunter S. Thomcat, Ferris Mewler and the-one-whose-name-I-Can't-remembe, finding awesome (or grotesque) stuffed animals on ebay, like Hamlet von Schnitzel pictured on the cover of the book, and irreverent observations on life.   

From time to time, there are more serious posts about her depression or calls for her readers to help people in need.

Some of the stories from the blog have taken on a life of their own.  Beyonce, a 5ft tall metal chicken bought to spite Victor, the Blogess's husband who forbade her to buy towels, has its own Facebook page.  With over 60,000 likes!  

Occasionally the Bloggess shares data from her Google Analytics page that shows the bizarre queries that lead people to her blog.  Things like “My cat needs vampire blood”, "blog it smells like eyeballs in here", and “I hate it when I’m eating and a t-rex steals my chair”.

If you need help with these, or other life problems, you now know where to go.

Hyperbole and a Half

The X All the Things meme comes from the Hyperbole & a Half blogThe second blog I follow religiously is perhaps less mainstream, although the site still gets millions of visitors, so we are not talking about the shadowy bowels of the interwebs here.  

I heard about Hyperbole and a Half a couple of years ago from a random tweet, checked it out, and was immediately hooked.  With crude (on purpose) graphics, Allie Brosh illustrates funny scenes from her childhood and life.  The blog is the origin of the ".......all the things" meme you see on the right.

Other than Allie (the person with the strange yellow thing on her head, which could be a pony tail, but could also be a unicorn horn), the blog frequently features Simple Dog, Helper Dog and occasionally the Alot, a mythical creature of a scary appearance but cuddly personality.  

I had plenty of time to catch up with Hyperbole and a Half, since the writer disappeared from the blogging scene for over a year while dealing with a major depression.  The last post before her disappearance in which she describes the illness, is one of the best descriptions I've read of depression.  Poignant, true, and incredibly funny.  

She does seem to finally be getting better, has a book out and is posting again.

Poke it with a Stick

Banned from Pinterst, by Mark Ewbie, used with permission.The 3rd humorous blog that I follow also heavily relies on simple graphics to illustrate life.  Unlike the previous two, Stickman's adventures are only enjoyed by a select small group of people who stumbled on it accidentally, or happen to know the author, Mark Ewbie.

This is not through lack of trying on the part of the blogger.  Mark has heroically been banned from Reddit, Pinterest and many other sites where SEO gurus claim you can get tons of traffic.  

In a moment of desperation, the blogger revealed their true identity, that just like Robert Galbraith, they are in fact no other than JK Rowling.  

As Mark (JK) put it "It's all very well having principles but I just shed them slightly and sold an extra million copies!"

Unfortunately, such is the obscurity of the blog that no-one in the media noticed this.  Remember you saw it here first!

Mark Ewbie mostly writes about the things he hates, work, Google (Matt Cutts has personally ensured he gets no traffic), conservative politicians, politicians who pretend they are not conservatives aka "the Left".  He also provides very valuable device on how to recognise the "Lizard People" who really rule the world, how to buy WMD on Amazon, and the etiquette of a nudist beach.

Advice on these, and other pressing life problems, can all be found on the Poke it with a Stick blog. 

Thinking outside the box
Thinking outside the box
Updated: 10/19/2013, anitalite
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anitalite on 10/20/2013

Thanks JohnnyKnox, and the stickman blog is even written by a guy!

JohnnyKnox on 10/20/2013

Nice suggestions and the blogs seem quite funny. Will check them out.

anitalite on 10/19/2013

You're welcome, Mark. Just because the other two are very well known, and you are not doesn't actually mean they are better. There is a huge element of luck involved in making it into the mainstream. I enjoy your writing and stickmen.

Mark Ewbie on 10/19/2013

Whoa! I can not believe I have been mentioned in the same post as those other two. Obviously you told me about it but I still can't believe it. I have nearly arrived. Thanks you :)

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