My Wizzography- An Anglo- Irish Viking teacher with a gi-normous family

by Veronica

I was recommended to do a Wizzography, so here goes. My initial response was that there is nothing to write about. I lead a quiet life and am happy with it that way.

I was born in Withington South Manchester to parents from 2 Manchester Irish Catholic families. As a child and to this day, I always felt I was Irish. I never felt any attachment whatsoever to Britain and I never shall. Imagine my surprise recently when I had my Ethnicity DNA done. But more of that later.

Life never turns out as we expect does it . The one constant is my wonderful, wonderful family and extended family whom I absolutely love. My immediate extended family ( brothers' families ) on my side has 27 people and my husband's immediate extended family has 34 people then we start on first cousins. My husband has 54 first cousins , just first cousins. We can't start counting any further. My father in law was the youngest of 15 and my mother in law the 2nd of 9. My dad was the 7th of 11 children. So, maybe not the largest family on the planet but fairly large.

own photo

My men

This is me with my menfolk, husband of nearly 37 years and 2 sons and grandson. I absolutely love them to bits. They are all very good to me.

me and my men
me and my men
March 2016

New arrival

Since that photo of course we have a granddaughter and a new daughter in law.

The 8 of us are below .

My immediate family
My immediate family


I was fortunate enough to have a very good education at a leading Manchester Convent School. The nuns were all Irish and I just felt that I was too. The friends I made there are still very important to me 47 years on and last month I attended the wedding of one of them. How lovely to have a group photo of 7 girls who had been at school together all those years ago and are still in contact.

I am the third left.

Me with  school friends
Me with school friends
July 2015
wth business partner
wth business partner
Veronica's photo

I was an infants' teacher for 30 years but was never comfortable doing it although I was deemed to be good at it .

At college 40 years ago next month,  I met the love of my entire life and we will have been married 36 years in October.

in 2008 I left teaching and started my own education drama company in 2010. It is called Yellow Brick Road Workshops and is history/drama based. We go into schools and do workshops with the children. My business partner and I laugh EVERY DAY .



Ancient Greek goddesses
Ancient Greek goddesses
Veronica's workshop photo
WW2 workshop photo
WW2 workshop photo
Veronica's photo

Music and Church

My husband and I love classical music and often go to Manchester's Bridgwater Hall to concerts.

Religion plays a large part in my life and we have an active church community. It gives us an active social life as well as prayer life.


I have been told by many medics that I have Viking hands and must have Viking/Scandinavian ancestry because of this hand condition I have.

Consequently, when I got the opportunity to have my ethnicity DNA done I jumped at the opportunity. I sent off my saliva sample in the equipment provided and waited expectantly.  I anticipated, 55% English, 44% Irish and 1 % Scandinavian. Well there had to be some Scandinavian somewhere. How wrong was I ?

The results came back and we have 7 ethnicities not 3. There are two main regions and 5 sub-regions. Although a British passport holder, British is one of my sub regions genetically.  

57% Irish

15% Scandinavian

13% English

7% Spanish

4% Eastern European

3% Western European

1% Finnish/  Russian Border 


So I AM mainly Irish afterall. It doesn't change anything but at least I know that I am really a Viking and I know whom to blame for my bad hands. The Vikings of course plundered and raped in Ireland so that is possibly where it is from.


Therefore,  Wife, Mother , Teacher, Business Woman, Historian. Which leaves my favourite role until last, GRANDMOTHER. I expected to love my grandchild but never expected how MUCH I would love him. As grandparents we want to protect them and guard them from harm even more than as parents. As grandparents we know what life's problems lie ahead and we want to stop them happening. I love it though and he makes me laugh.



grandson on the beach
grandson on the beach
own photo
my new granddaughter
my new granddaughter

My big brother

I have added a photo of my big brother Frank Beswick at a family Baptism last weekend. There is a family resemblance between us although of course I am far prettier!

My Big Bruv
My Big Bruv
Frank Beswick with his lovely grandaughter
Me with two of my brothers
Me with two of my brothers
Updated: 08/25/2016, Veronica
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Veronica on 08/25/2016

A new photo above including my newborn, stunning granddaughter.
She's a beaut.

And also one of me, Frank and another of our brothers at a family wedding last weekend.

Veronica on 05/14/2016

TY will take a look xx

Mira on 05/14/2016

Hi Veronica, I only just saw your comment about Easter. I wrote about it here:

Veronica on 05/14/2016

I have added a recent photo of Frank Beswick to my Wizzography for anyone who is interested.

Veronica on 05/07/2016

Ty. Yes we love our job and have fun , laughing every day but it is a serious thing and we believe in what we do, totally. We present the curriculum through drama and literacy in a way that every child can access. Autistic pupils, pupils with English as a second language, pupils with behavioural needs, any child can learn through our workshop style and teaching. Therefore although we do laugh, the children do learn.

Yesterday, we were doing Ancient Egypt workshops in a deprived area of Manchester. On Monday, we are doing a literacy workshop for 7 year olds based on Pirates. The following week it is WW1 to 11 year olds.

We love it because we believe in it.

MBC on 05/07/2016

It looks like you and your partner have a blast doing drama! Nice to get to know you.

Veronica on 03/29/2016

How do you celebrate Easter, Mira,; if you don't mind telling us. I would love to know. Does your Lent continue until then ?

Mira on 03/29/2016

Yes, we're (Eastern) Orthodox Christians.

Veronica on 03/28/2016

Thank you .

frankbeswick on 03/28/2016

Orthodox Easter,no doubt. The Catholic and the Orthodox have different calendars.

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