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A glimpse of the work NanLT does as an Energy Healer. NanLT has been trained in Reiki and Shamanic Healing methods.

I first studied Reiki in 1993, but my introduction to Energy Healing work came several years earlier when I was at university studying for my nursing degree. It was there that I learned of nursing theorist Martha Rogers and The Science of Universal Human Beings.

Learning of Therapeutic Touch as practiced by adherents to Rogers' theory led ultimately to my taking a course in Reiki in 1993 and later obtaining the Master-Teacher level. To this day, I still refer students to the basics of Rogers' Science of Universal Human Beings when discussing the hows and whys of Energy Healing.

Today, I practice Energy Healing through Reiki, but my work is very much focused on intuitive healing. When I received training as an shamanic healer, this added a new dimension to the healing work I am able to provide.

Reiki Kanji
Reiki Kanji
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Reiki Kanji

Most Reiki practitioners break down the word Reiki to mean "Universal Life Force Energy", but this definition really rather falls short


A break down of the meaning of the Reiki Kanji has been written by guest blogger Colin Powell at Reiki, Medicine, and Self Care.

Personal Ways of Using Reiki

It's not just for healing

Since learning Reiki and becoming a Reiki Master I have incorporated the use of Reiki into many parts of my life.

I use it while cooking.

A touch of Reiki energy into the cooking pot, I think, just makes everything taste that little bit nicer and helps to make sure that what I give my family is the best for them I can provide.

I use it in spellcasting.

I carve the symbols onto candles or write them on parchment as part of a spell. I will also charge a symbol in my mind then send it through my hand into a spell as I am creating it.

I use the Master's symbol to build up energy within myself to be released when a spell is cast.

I use it for sleep.

If I am having trouble sleeping, I use Reiki to help me relax enough to sleep.

Years ago, when I worked night shift, I used Reiki a lot to condense several hours sleep into the 1 or 2 hours I actually had available for sleeping on some days. I wouldn't recommend this for long-term, but as a one-off it was very helpful.

Using Reiki with Children

My two younger sons are diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and provided I can be subtle about it, Reiki energy is very helpful in calming them down when they are feeling anxious and stressed.

One son has very strong natural shields and if I try to push through them forcefully, he only puts them up stronger. I have to take a more round about approach when working with him.

Since I can't send it to him through touching him with my hands most times, I have learned to send it through my entire body. By spreading the energy flow over a larger surface area, I am able to get it in through his barriers.

I once was able to send it via the ethereal umbilical connection he had with me. Unfortunately, as he grows older, that connection has naturally grown weaker.

When one of the boys gets hurt, I will use Reiki to draw the "ouch" out and into my hand. They then get to blow it away. No more hurt. I have heard the youngest using this same technique when he is alone.


Shaman's Drum
Shaman's Drum
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Riding the Drum

Shamanic Healing Methods

When doing shamanic work, the practitioner uses the steady beating of a drum to induce an altered state of consciousness. For this reason, the drum is sometime's called the Shaman's Horse.

It isn't so much the beat of the drum the shamanic healer is focusing on though, it is the sounds that come between the beats.

The Healing Room

Reiki and Energy Healing Techniques
When my ego is in balance, I can offer the service of healing from a place of acceptance, instead of using it to meet my own needs. Continue reading →
Since 2014, for over 2 years now, I have lived in a home that does not have mirrors in it. My only glimpses of my face are when I happen to use the vanity mirror in th...
Working in the shadows - don't call me a Lightworker. Continue reading →

Reiki Shamanism

Combining Intuitive Reiki with Shamanic Healing

Within most shamanic practices there is the belief that all illness comes from three sources: Power Loss, Soul Loss, or Spiritual Intrusions.

As a healer, my work is to travel into the Spirit Realms (sometimes called the Upper, MIddle, and Lower Worlds) in order to retrieve lost power, recover lost soul parts, or to remove the spiritual intrusion. I may also do work to help the person remove unhealthy bonds to another person.

I was already doing work similar to this as an Intuitive Reiki Healer, learning shamanic healing methods just gave me more efficient tools.

Books on Reiki Shamanism

that I would recommend
Reiki Shamanism: A Guide to Out-of-Body Healing

Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of either Reiki or shamanism will learn how to heal people, places, and things, whether at hand or from a distance, in this useful guide. Pre...

$16.95  $7.68

View on Amazon

Shamanic Reiki: Expanded Ways of Working with Universal Life Force Energy

For the first time in print, shamanic techniques are introduced that healers and Reiki practitioners can draw on to tap ancient healing wisdom. Shamanism and Reiki are, by thems...

$19.95  $3.99

View on Amazon

Soul Midwifery

Where my future practice is heading

Soul Carried to Heaven - in public domainAs my practice as a healer evolves and develops, I have been turning my focus on where I can do the most good. I learned during my years working as a nurse that I had a special knack for working with those who are at the end of life and their families.

Soul Midwifery, or Death Midwifery as it is called in the USA, is a way of providing love and support to those who are facing death, and helping them to have a good death. Just as a midwife is present at the beginning to help usher a new soul into life in this world, the soul midwife is present at the end to hep usher the soul into the next world.

Many people do work as soul midwives. I have found only one place in the United Kingdom though which offers training and accreditation as a soul midwife. I have taken the Introductory Coursework, and am now saving up to be able to take the first level course.

I am asking for help in reaching this goal, and towards that end am offering either a long-distance healing session or an Amulet of the Goddess reading in exchange for any donation.


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