Native American Indian Art for Thanksgiving and Fall Season Decor

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Stunning pieces of North American Indian art looks awesome for fall and Thanksgiving decor.Collectibles, figurines and paintings of the spirits and warriors are some of the options

The Native Indians were true worshippers of Nature; they knew how to exist with nature in harmony. Each year on the fourth Thursday of November, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day remembering that we have a lot to thank the Nature and pay gratitude for what it has provided us seamlessly and continuously.

There is much to remember and celebrate the quintessential American holiday which portrays the arrival of pilgrims who were the first to come in a land that had abundance of harvest and peaceful existence. Many of us are not aware about the pivotal role played by the natives in the history of Thanksgiving. The real history is much deeper and altogether distinctive than the one that is portrayed.

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History of Native American Indians


The Native American Indians were a tribe that played a lead role in the support of the first newcomers who arrived in seventeenth century. For the first colonists who were a peaceful lot of people who arrived in the fall of 1621, the new home was to be a future that looked promising and happy. The pilgrims having settled in their new location for the first time celebrated their very first harvest in a country that was mostly untouched by the invaders, inhabited and habituated by the native Indian traditions.



Native Indians of Wampanoag Tribe

The inhabitants of Wampanoag were from a native Indian tribe that had their own sophisticated set of code and rules from a society with a closed system of beliefs. The ancestors of Indians who had occupied acres of fertile territory for thousands of years lived peacefully with their traditions and Gods that were related to the supreme power of Mother Nature. They worshipped sun, wind and rains; they all existed in their list of Gods who were responsible for the good crops and their existence.

Traditions followed by Indian Systems


The aborigines of America were the native communities who had their own government, rules and practices. These beliefs and systems formed their own knowledge base and they maintained their traditions religiously. An important part of their belief was to thank and express gratitude for the good fortune.

Thanks giving was a part of their life and many native Indian philosophical beliefs maintained this tradition in a series of ceremonies that were carried out throughout the year, perhaps during the harvest season. They had a beautiful concept of being thankful to all in the nature whether it was the deities or the living beings to keep harmony and balance.

Beliefs and Customs of Native Indians


The Indians believed everything in the universe and the earth had a soul and purpose. The spirit in each of these things living or not was sacred and pure. The core of this belief and the ideology of the indigenous tribes of America tied them together to the other beings and an ethical, sustainable life in peaceful existence. There are more than 500 identified native tribes in United States of America extended to Alaska and Canada.

Land, earth, water and the sky was considered sacred and the native Indians worshipped them. In fact, the life on the planet and the eco-system is all interconnected, this appears so logical and appropriate in today’s modern times. The concept of being thankful and showing gratitude is still present in the many tribes and native communities. Thanking Mother Nature for a bountiful harvest, crops and rain is a continued tradition that many native Indians practice today.

Native American Indian Artifacts

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AngelaJohnson on 11/12/2014

When I was in grade school back in the 1960s, our classroom was decorated with pictures of Pilgrim and Indian boys and girls, turkeys, pumpkins, Indian corn and the "horn of plenty".

Telesto on 11/07/2014

Thank you, that was very interesting, and some lovely pieces of art work.

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