Natural Anxiety Management

by Jesslbell

Dealing with anxiety is a monster. Dealing with the drugs for it is even harder. I am sharing what has worked for me on the natural side of things.

Anxiety has been a lifelong battle for me. Many times it gets to the degree that I cant stand myself. Certain triggers cause me to panic and I live with Generalized anxiety disorder. Some days are better than others but at times the bad days outweigh the good. However I have found some all natural supplements that work, and they work very well for me. With them I have tipped the scales back in my favor on having good days.

Natural Anxiety Supplements

 After having three kids and and serious complications in two pregnancies, I found myself at a crossroads. I became a shell of the woman I used to be. Before my kids I didn't overly stress about bills or how much food I had, or even a simple trip to the grocery store. It was easy to just worry about me.  Life moves along and you meet the right one and have your precious babies and what you once new changes. 

   With getting married I gained my oldest son. He is truly amazing but he suffers from ADHD. That in itself is a struggle as you you fight with the schools, the doctors, and everything else that comes with it. My second son had me borderline toxic with a low blood platelet count. Then came along my third son. I developed Pre Eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome. The point of telling you this is leading up to my worst battle of Anxiety I ever had. Health issues arose after this last baby and I was scared to leave my house. I would call my husband crying because I couldn't handle ANYTHING. Doctors ran me through five different anti depressants in a month! All I got from them was a night on the psych floor in the hospital. After such a nightmare I reached a point of deciding that i refused to let it rule my life. Locally we have a health store called Wildly Natural. A Doctor there has a remedy for almost everything.  I use several of their products but I found that worked for my Anxiety is there supplement called Nerquilizer and another called Chillin. Yes their names are corny but the supplements work! No side effects. I am back to having more good days than bad. 



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Updated: 02/29/2016, Jesslbell
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