Nautical Jigsaw Puzzles: Lighthouses

by CruiseReady

Lighthouse Jigsaw Puzzles for everyone from tots to grannies. Find out why puzzles are good for you and learn some cool lighthouse facts, including which is the tallest in the U.S.

Lighthouses are fascinating and working a jigsaw puzzle is a relaxing and absorbing pastime. Here's a thought: Put the two together and work a lighthouse jigsaw puzzle.

When was the last time you worked a jigsaw puzzle? Remember how much fun it was? Maybe it's time to start on a new one - maybe a lighthouse puzzle is just what you need today!

Since I love anything nautical, I've organized a nice selection of puzzles with lighthouses here, grouped by 300 (or fewer) pieces, 500 - 600 piece puzzles, and some nice 1,000 piece lighthouse puzzles.

Find a few interesting lighthouse facts and learn a bit about the benefits of working jigsaw puzzles as you browse this selection of lighthouse jigsaw puzzles

Image: Lighthouse at Night from Zazzle
Information shown below

Puzzles are a Fun and Beneficial Pastime

Working a Jigsaw Puzzle is Good Fun for All Ages

Not only is it enjoyable to work on a jigsaw puzzle, it may even be good for you.  


Puzzling helps younger children develop manual dexterity.

Older children benefit by sharpening problem solving skills and thought processes involving spacial relationships.

Some adults find working jigsaw puzzles to be a good form of stress relief.

Family time is enhanced by things like jigsaw puzzles that can be worked on together.

Marblehead Lighthouse Jigsaw Puzzle

Is Available as a 110 or 252 piece puzzle

It's even suggested been that working puzzles, including crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles may aid in keeping older minds sharp, possibly even delaying the onset of senility.

So, you see - not only are jigsaw puzzles NOT a waste of time, they may actually add to your quality of life, no matter what age you are!


Lighthouse Puzzles

300 or Fewer Pieces


Lighthouse 216 Piece 3D Building Set

by Ravensburger

What a fun family activity this would be!    (Or even a solo activity for an older child or teen.)

This is a 3-D lighthouse that's built with puzzle pieces that interlock like the pieces in a traditional flat jigsaw puzzle. 

The pieces themselves are flat where they need to be, and curved where they need to be.  When finished, the lighthouse stays together without glue.  

(finished height:  13 and one half inches)

Lighthouses Make Stunning Nautical Scenery

Favorite Subjects of Photographers and Painters
Scenic Lighthouse
Scenic Lighthouse

Six Fun Lighthouse Facts

Facts about United States Lighthouses

Eagle Harbor Light

1 - There are about 680 lighthouses in the United States

2 - The state of Michigan, which isn't  anywhere near an ocean, has more lighthouses than any other state.  

3 - The first lighthouse built on U.S. soil was the Boston Light, erected in 1716, on Little Brewster Island.

4 - The oldest U.S. lighthouse that has never been rebuilt is the Sandy Hook Light, in New Jersey.  It was built in 1764, and the original structure is still in use.

5 - The Cape Hatteras Light, on North Carolina's Outer Banks, is the tallest lighthouse in the country.  

Standing 193 feet, it  guards a part of the ocean where so many ships have wrecked that the area is known as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic."

6 - Are there any manned lighthouses in the United States?  Not unless you count the  tour guides at the Boston Light, who are sometimes referred to as "volunteer keepers."  The light was officially manned by the Coast Guard until 1998.


Image:  Eagle Harbor Light, Michigan, P.D.


500 Piece

Lighthouse Jigsaw Puzzles


500 to 600 Piece Puzzles - Lighthouses

A Selection of Medium Difficulty Puzzles

These lighthouse puzzles with 500 to 600 pieces make good gifts for older teens.  They're not quite as daunting as the ones with a thousand or more parts, yet they're challenging enough to keep a bright teen busy.  

A 500 piece puzzle is also a good idea for a family activity for the family who has not worked a puzzle together as a family before.

If you don't have a table to leave a puzzle out on for the time it might take to work a more difficult one, then consider one with 500, rather than 1000 or more pieces.  

Have You Worked a Jigsaw Puzzle Recently?

How long has it been?


Find a 1000 Piece

Lighthouse Nautical Jigsaw Puzzle


1000 Piece Puzzles

Puzzling is a Absorbing Family Activity

 A 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle provides a wonderful on-going activity for the whole family.  Everyone from about age 9 or 10 can help with one of these.  

Our family works one every year, when the whole family gathers for a reunion week.  My beautiful daughter-in-law always brings along a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.  We set aside a table in one corner of the large gathering room for working on it, and it stays there all week.

Each person works on it whenever the mood strikes them, and there's almost always someone at the "puzzle table,"  whether it's a tween, a  great granny, or someone in between.  It turns into a family challenge to finish putting it together within the week.  Only once did we fail to finish one.  That was the year my daughter in law brought a 1500 one. 

International Puzzle Day

is January 29th

The first National Puzzle Day in the United States was in 1995.  It won't surprise you to learn that it was the brainchild of someone at one of the big game companies.

In 2004, the day went international, and has been 'celebrated' on the 29th of January ever since.  It celebrates puzzling of all sorts, including crosswords, jigsaws, brain teasers, logic puzzles and other like pursuits.

It's a good day to work or give a puzzle.  

What Every Jigsaw Puzzle Lover NEEDS

Ravensburger PUZZLE STOW & GO!

Simply work your puzzle ON the mat.  When you need to clear the table, or want to take your puzzle somewhere, just roll up and secure the mat.   You can then store or transport your work n progress.

When you are ready to do a little more puzzling, just unroll the mat, and presto!  You're ready to resume where you left off.

Every jigsaw puzzle lover should have one of these for their latest unfinished masterpiece.  This particular one will accommodate puzzles of up to 1500 pieces. 

A Puzzle Saver

Is a Great Gift Idea for a Puzzle Lover!
Ravensburger 81461RVN Stow and Go Storage System Puzzle
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DerdriuMarriner on 09/06/2017

CruiseReady, Does the stow & go work because of an adhesive surface? Have you seen the film The Accountant? The movie shows Ben Affleck's character as a young boy putting a puzzle together by the backs of the pieces!

CruiseReady on 05/30/2015

It's also a fun family activity. We all enjoy our yearly puzzling project at our annual family week.

sheilamarie on 05/30/2015

I have worked on jigsaw puzzles with little kids, but almost never have worked on one myself. I can see how a puzzle would help with developing a spatial sense.

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