Nautical Wedding

by dustytoes

Nautical themed stationery and items for a wedding on, or near, the sea.

Water brings us together for vacations, boating, fishing and cruising. And many couples have met while enjoying the water in some way. Having their wedding ceremony and reception with this delicious part of nature as the backdrop is only natural.

The stationery on this page is all nautical themed. Using colors and items that relate to the sea will help give invitees a taste of what's to come. Use the same theme on save the date cards and personal postage stamps for a complete set.

The Ship's Anchor Image

navy anchor cruise weddingBesides having a way to steer a ship, the anchor is a most important part of boating.  An anchor will hold the boat in place for whatever reason, and with this in mind, many engaged couples will choose the anchor image to represent their love.  It's a symbol of holding fast together, anchored in their commitment to each other.  

Navy blue is usually the desired nautical theme color, and it can be combined with just about anything else.   Blue and tan make more subtle designs, with red and pink as a more colorful paper choice.  The anchor can be small or large, and many designs include stripes, or rope images to further the theme.  Keep in mind that most designers will be happy to change their invitation suites to suit a couple's wishes.

Cruise Wedding

A gift bag for the wedding party / bridesmaids.

Nautical Gift Tags

A hole is punched. Just tie it to a wedding favor.

Steering the Boat

A ship's wheel is immediately recognizable.

Fisherman's memorial statueThe ship's wheel is a unique image to use for sea destination invitations.  The traditional ship's wheel is made up of eight pieces of wood meeting in the center and attaching to another piece of wood.  Sometimes six or ten pieces were used.  Teak or mahogany was the usual choice of wood to build a wheel.  The  wood created handles to grasp for steering and the top, center spoke was usually carved with extra grooves for easily knowing the placement of the rudder when steering in the dark.

(Photo credit: Fisherman's Memorial, Gloucester, MA)

Blue and Gold Ship's Wheel Invitations

Seagulls, Waves and Monogram

Navy blue and white paper.

Cruising Away to a Unique Wedding Location

People enjoy cruises.  Couples who plan to get married on a cruise ship have the advantage of honeymooning in the same location as the ceremony.  And guests who attend the wedding will be happy to continue on with a cruise vacation after the couple is wed.

A cruise is the full package, with food, entertainment, pools and ocean views combined as you travel from island to island.  Have the ceremony in port or out on the ocean.  Sail to the perfect spot and get married in a faraway land, then continue on the cruise for the honeymoon.  

Most big cruise lines will offer wedding packages.  I've written a page about Cruising From the Port Canaveral Seaport in Florida.

Boarding Pass Invitations

Destination Wedding

Cruise Ship Articles

Find these pages here at Wizzley and learn more about going on a cruise.

Be Ready For Rough Seas

Maybe fill a basket with sea-sickness remedy aids.

Whether the wedding takes place aboard a large cruise ship, or a small party boat, you just never know who may end up feeling sick due to the motion.  Some folks can become ill at the slightest movement, and although they may have already thought of this and taken their own medication, it would be nice to have some on hand.

There is no way of knowing before hand what the weather will be like on the day you marry.  Dramamine and sea sickness bands will be appreciated in case a storm rolls in and waves appear!

Thick Rope and Nautical Knots

Another symbol of an event that will include water.

Tying knots correctly is something any boater or sailor needs to know.    No one wants to see their ship come undone from the pilings and slip away without them!  And many an anchor could be lost if the rope goes with it over the side.  There are many uses for using rope on a vessel and this symbol of boating shows up here on these wedding invitations.

Tying the Knot

For the sea-going bride and groom.

Rope and Heart Invitations

Nine Most Useful Sailing and Boating Knots

How to make nautical knots. Show off your skills and decorate with rope.
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ologsinquito on 06/20/2014

What a lovely idea for a couple who likes sailing, or living near the ocean, or even visiting the beach a lot. We just went to a nautical themed baby shower for a boy.

MonisMas on 06/19/2014

I would totally love it! Great idea.

DerdriuMarriner on 06/11/2014

Dustytoes, As your selections show, the sea is a great inspiration in life, including for weddings. Nautical themes can be so attractive and creative. I enjoyed the knot video.

dustytoes on 05/26/2014

@WordChazer, it's good to know that the wristbands work for motion sickness.
@ Abby, Alaska is one place I would love to go for a cruise. We are lucky there are so many choices (patch, pills, wristbands) to keep us from feeling horrible.

AbbyFitz on 05/25/2014

I never knew there so many themes to choose from when planning a wedding. I do like the tying the knot ones. It's very clever.

I went on a cruise once in alaska. I loved it. The best part? No communication from the outside world. The worst part? Seasickness. Luckily my doctor prescribed me the patch. It was heaven!

Guest on 05/25/2014

I swear by those wristbands when I'm flying and even depending on who's driving me. I have a set in my handbag for ease of use and although I've not had to use them lately, they'll come out again in the next transatlantic flight.

Navy and cream or gold is a smart clothes theme for a wedding too, so perhaps the nautical bride and groom could ask their guests to dress accordingly?

I'm with you, Dustytoes - not a big fan of ships or cruises. I have good sea legs (unlike mum who's very seasick) but I don't get on with boats.

dustytoes on 05/25/2014

I've been on one cruise and wasn't too impressed, but I had no say in the booking of it. I think certain cruise lines and destinations could be a lot of fun.

Mira on 05/25/2014

These are some very nice designs. I especially like the "tying the knot" idea in this context. I imagine getting married on a cruise ship must be fun. I wouldn't like being cooped up in one for too long, but there are some amazing cruises out there which make for great trips.

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