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by MsSunshine

A place to catch up with the new Furby 2012. Looking for a Furby sale? Or do you already own one and want to use it for utmost fun? Here you go!

The most favorite toy of the 90s is back with a bang for this holiday 2012. The new Furby of 2012 can respond to your mood, touch, move, voice and even learn English from you! Furby is one of the few dolls which were eagerly awaited for re-release. We will soon have it in our hands this Christmas. Read on to know what the new furbies have, that their ancestors don't have, and more importantly, know where you can buy them cheap.

What's special about the new Furby?

The furbies of 2012 are different from the old school furbies in these aspects:-

1. The traditional white eyes of Furby are replaced by LED eyes, which means that a whole lot of emotions and expressions are in store for you. So now you may know when your Furby is angry, sleepy and hungry.

2. Perhaps the most entertaining thing about the new Furby is that it responds when you tickle or when you pull its tail or pat its head. It can dance to any tune and can even interact with other Furbies. 

3. With all the globalisation, Furbies too seem to want to come out of their Furbish shell and learn English from you! As you speak to the new one, it starts grasping English words from you.

4. Nevertheless, we have an IPad app that can translate Furbish to English at ease.Talking about IPad, Furby's favorite snack comes from an Ipad App. Simply choose one and slide it towards the toy and you can see it grabbing and crunching with its beak. Wish Furby could tell us what it wants to eat!

Colors: You can pre-order Furby in 6 colors; the classic one being teal blue; pretty rare one being  purple; and the others being black, white, yellow and orange. Four more color choices- green, plum, navy and pink will be out during Christmas.

How do you put a Furby to sleep?

To the utmost misery of parents, the new Furby also does not come with an OFF switch. But  one consolation is that, not interacting with her for a long time will make her go sleepy and start snoring. Hope she doesn't swear too much in sleep!

So the best way to put the toy to sleep would be to lock it up in a drawer! Want to wake it up from slumber? Just say a few words to it and it will be up.

Meet the Furby 2012

Where to buy Furby cheap?

Furby will be released on September 16th with a starting price of $60. Whereas pre-ordering the same at Amazon or Walmart leaves us a 10% discount. The price is the same at Amazon and Walmart, but just for the purple Furby, Walmart is cheaper than Amazon. Ebay seems to be selling these toys at its own price. The teal Furby which sells at $54 everywhere is selling at $99 in Ebay. 

How to train a Furby?

The manufacturer of Furby - Hasbro has said that the new Furbies are built with a personality of their own, which gets shaped as you play with them. The more you talk to a Furby, the more of a chatterbox it would become; the more you make it dance, the better it would start dancing. 

Changing the batteries does not reset its personality and so you don't have to worry if your efforts might go a waste. 

Which is your favorite of the 10 new Furbies?

Old is Gold

Some rare limited edition Furbies
Special Edition Wizard Furby

Special Edition Wizard Furby. Black body with blue eyes and dressed in a purple wizard's roabe and hat.

View on Amazon

Special Limited Edition Christmas Furby

Special Limited Holiday Edition Furby. Red with white belly & blue eyes. Wearing a santa hat.

View on Amazon

Special Limited Edition Millennium Furby

Special Limited Edition Millennium Furby. Blue with silver belly and white hair. Wearing "Year 2000 Furby" New Years' sash.

View on Amazon

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Rachel on 12/26/2012

I got my furby today! I played with t and loved it! But I left it a few minutes to eat, and I got back and it's was ad and it's mean and never wants to play! Is there anything I can do! Plz help me!

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